Weekend Update

It’s been a really busy/interesting weekend.  Friday started off well… we all love Fridays, as it is the last day of school before the weekend, and since this was a long weekend, it was even better.  Friday evening we learned that Ches’ cousin, Nathan, passed away that morning, so it became kind of a somber day for us.  While not unexpected, it’s still hard, as Ches is really fond of that particular branch of the family.  We’re really going to miss Nathan.  We are both upset that Ches’ school district has screwed up his paycheck, so we can’t drive up to Utah for the funeral. Although, even if he had gotten what he was supposed to get, I think we are still too poor to be able to afford the gas money to drive up there.  So we are both sad about that.  We want to be there, but we can’t.  It sucks, but oh well.  

If any of the Vons are reading this, our sympathies to you.  We’re really sad to not be able to be up there with you guys this week.  Just know we’re thinking of all of you, especially Kristy and the boys.  Again, we’re really going to miss Nathan.  

Saturday was a really busy day.  We were still kind of somber, but with all the plans we had, it was hard not to have fun. 🙂  Dana was visiting a friend of hers, so we met them at Ikea and did some shopping.  Then we all headed to a really fun splash park at Tempe Beach.  We left there for a swimming/BBQ/ birthday party for the son of a friend in Tempe, then came back to Gilbert for a “Jimmy Buffett” party that was hosted by the parents of Ches’ drum instructor.  It was also a pool/BBQ party, and Peter, the drum instructor, is in a steel band, so we got to hear them play.  This was their 12th or 13 year of throwing this party.  SO many people of all ages there.  You could tell it was a popular tradition!  That was a really, really fun party, and if we hadn’t been so tired we would have stayed longer.  It was really long day, so we headed home and we all crashed (actually, everyone else crashed.  I headed to Wal-Mart for some food and birthday presents for the next day).

Sunday I slept in, but the boys got Ches up nice and early.  It was Ches’ 36th birthday, so before church I wanted to get the cake made.  As I was in the middle of that, I got a call asking me to sub in Dallin and Parker’s nursery class.  I’m already in Primary, so I couldn’t, but for some reason the call triggered my memory.  Aiden was supposed to give a talk in Primary!!  Aaaahhhh!!  So after I got the cake in the oven, Aiden and I went to the filing cabinet and took out his old talks and picked one.  I’m so thankful I’ve kept his old talks!!  He chose the one he wrote last year on “The Creation”.  He did a really, really good job reading his talk.  Of course everyone was impressed with his reading skills. He only mispronounced two words… he pronounced the “h” in “herbs” and he said “image” like “im-MAHGE” and with a soft “g”.  Cracked me up.  Ches, too.  

After church and naps, I made Ches’ requested orange chicken for dinner (I went the easy route and bought one of those easy dinners from Wal-Mart.  I much prefer the Trader Joe’s orange chicken, but we don’t have a TJ’s close to home, and it was so late once I went to the store anyway. Another time, perhaps.)  After dinner we did presents (Ches got an iTunes gift card, a DVD of all the Pixar shorts, Phase 10 dice, and some almond rocca), then cake.  He had asked for a black forest cake, which I have never made before.  I found a nice, easy recipe, and most of the reviews on it were favorable, so I tried it, but I only modified the frosting and made it a two layer, round cake.   It turned out really well, but it was NOT what Ches was expecting.  Now, I’m not normally a cherry fan, and I’ve never liked cherry and chocolate mixed, so I didn’t know what a black forest cake really was.  This is not it.  This should be called a chocolate cherry cake.  THIS is more of what Ches had expected.  So, I’ll have to try again, I think (just not really soon… Parker’s birthday is in one week, and I think we might be caked out for a while).  Anyway, everyone like the cake, and then we all went upstairs to watch the Pixar shorts.

Today was our lazy day.  The boys still got Ches up early and I still got to sleep in, but we just hung around the house most of the day.  Ches got some school work done, I cleaned the bedrooms and loft, and then about 4:30, Ches took off for school.  The band was supposed to help Chick Fill-A do some promotions for their new Chick-n-Strips.  Chick Fill-A has really helped Ches’ band out over the past couple years, so even though it was a holiday, most of the kids said they could be there.  I packed the kids up in the van about 5:15 so we could eat out, but the band wasn’t there.  My cell phone was out of power (oops), so we drove to the high school. Ches was there with just two students.  The rest had all gone home already.  The busses never showed to take the kids to Chick Fill-A, and there was no one to get a hold of to find out what was going on.  It was so disappointing!!  Once the remaining students were picked up, however, our family went to Chili’s and used the last of the gift certificate Ches won in a radio contest a month or so ago.  Yummy food.  🙂  Oh, and we remembered why we rarely take the kids out.  It’s just too hard.  Dallin didn’t want to sit in his chair.  He wanted to dance to the music and “play games” (he could see the TV in the bar and thought that must be a fun place, even though we kept telling him that wasn’t games, but a room just for grown-ups.  Aiden wanted more of an explanation, so I finally said it’s where grown ups go to drink alcohol, and before I could finish with any more of an explanation, Aiden practically yelled, “Alcohol?!?!?!  Oh no!!  We don’t drink alcohol!!!!!”  The hostess started giggling at that.).  So there is nothing leisurely about taking the kids someplace other than McDonald’s.  They’ll grow out of this, right??  Right????

So, that was our holiday weekend.  Full of unexpected twist and turns, full of swimming and parties.  It was fun, but now I need a couple more days to recuperate from the weekend.  I’m tired.

9 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Wow, sounds busy. Aiden’s reaction made me laugh (just like the hostess.)

    Oh, and I’m so sorry for your loss of Ches’s cousin Nathan.

  2. Kids and restaurants just don’t mix. We go out with the girls every once in a while, but we pretty much only ever take them to Red Robin, where it’s noisy enough that even if they shout about alcohol at the top of their lungs no one can hear them anyway!

    I’m really sorry to hear about Ches’s cousin. My cousin died of cancer last spring at age 31, and while, like you said, it was not unexpected, it was still really hard. You guys are in my thoughts & prayers.

  3. Hey Sariah, sounds like your labor day was more fun than ours… Jared labored at the hospital for 15 hours. Today was Carter’s first day of school… he loved it and we found out we are having ANOTHER boy… I couldn’t help but think of you!

  4. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.

    And I’m sorry for all the other blips in your weekend. I always love reading your blog because no matter what happened, you always spin it in a way that is entertaining. Aiden is always funny, yes, and all the snafus that happen when cell phones are out.

    But I can’t believe you’ve never had Black Forest Cake?!?!?

  5. I thought it was Ches’ birthday!! Happy Birthday to him!!! I’m sorry to hear about his cousin. That stinks that you won’t be able to come up.

    I’m glad that your weekend ended up going well! Hope to talk to you soon!

  6. Sorry to hear about Ches’ cousin. That stinks that you can’t go up for the funeral. He sounds like he was a great guy.

    Hurray for Ches’ birthday!!! And Hurray for gift certificates so that you could go out and eat!

  7. Ches’s birthday card has been located [sorry, so late…you know how I am!] but the gift is not together yet. Soon. Very soon–perhaps tomorrow. At least Parker’s box is off! And Aiden’s is mostly put together! Wow–early, huh? I have a bunch of other boxed to get in the mail, so I take a couple each day–makes me get my exercise to go to the post office!

    I agree with Zen Mama, and still think you should write a book, something along the lines of Erma Bombeck?

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