The Interview

The interview this morning went well. I was SO nervous. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve actually had an interview — a real interview! — so it’s really kind of hard to tell. Anyrate, I managed to find a decent outfit to wear and got someone to watch the kids. I found the school pretty easily, and I think it’s a nice school. I was given a tour of the school first (got to stop and say hi to the teacher that I already know there), then the director took me to her office so we could “talk”. I was asked a lot about my experiences and of course my teaching philosophy, and even though I had no idea what was going to be asked, I think I did well in my answers. I was honest, so what more can I do, right?

I got along well with the director. She interviewed someone right before me, but she said she just wasn’t sure about him. I guess he doesn’t have a lot of experience around young children, and she just didn’t get a very good vibe from him. She said she would check my references and let me know.

Oh, I was so embarrassed about my references. You see, something is wrong with our printer, so I couldn’t print out a resume (not that I have an up to date one anyway) or even print out my references (which is what she specifically asked for), so I had to hand write them out. That’s right, folks. I gave her a piece of notebook paper with the names and numbers written out. Could I look more unprofessional??? Good thing they seem pretty laid back at the school. Good thing I have good handwriting. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

So now… we wait.  And try to find child care for two days a week that is affordable so I’m not giving my entire measly paycheck to a sitter.


5 responses to “The Interview

  1. when I applied to BU, the early decision deadline approached way faster than expected…and then the printer broke! mom had to write my TRANSCRIPT out! I was horrified. but I got in, so I guess it worked out!

  2. Hi sleepy,

    I wanted to thank you for your input on Andrea’s blog. I repeated your suggestion in my own answer. I hope my efforts there have been useful to you and not just a waste of everyone’s time.

    Oh and by the way. You are right about Twilight and Harry Potter. Stephanie Meyer is great, but JK Rowling is amazing. I did enjoy The Host. That was a great book too.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you did great! I can’t wait to hear what happens!

    Does your RS have an email list? Lacey found me by emailing all the sisters in RS and just explaining her situation and asking if anyone could babysit.

    Handwritten references is funny. Handwritten transcript is HYSTERICAL! How embarrassing for both!!! I think your printers are out to get you!

    one more thing, I just checked out your Cake Wrecks link and it is SO funny!!! I bookmarked it 🙂

  4. Good for you! I have a PT job, too, and it’s a struggle making it worth the money–after the babysitter and taxes, I make what the babysitter makes, just about. I hope you figure it all out!

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