Out of Left Field


I know you are all thinking “That’s great! You were looking for a job??” Well, I wasn’t. About a week ago, a friend told me they suddenly need a new music teacher at her daughter’s school. It’s a private school with preschool and toddler classes all the way up to grade 5. She sent me a link to the school’s website. From there, I discovered that I went to church in Tempe with one of the teachers. Awesome!! It took me several days, and I finally decided to at least take a closer, more serious look. So on Friday I emailed the director.

The director/founder called me a few hours ago and gave me more information about the school and the job position. It’s part time — 10 hours a week (9 hours of instruction, 1 hour prep). They prefer that I do 2 full days a week. That would be very doable in my book. It’s definitely preferable that a couple hours a day everyday… especially with the cost of gas. 🙂 Most of the kids are kindergarten or younger, so it’s a lot of teaching enjoyment of music through movement and other creative pursuits. I think it would be a lot of fun, and I can use a lot of the materials I have left from my music ed classes (especially the elementary/general music class). Tomorrow I wll interview with her at the school.

I still don’t know if I want to do this , mostly for two main reasons: A) My specialty is actually secondary music — I teach band to junior high and high schoolers. 2) I’m not sure if it is worth it to pay for day care for my two boys who are at home. I have NO idea what to pay someone to watch my boys (and I would much prefer to have a friend watch them than to send them to say, Kindercare).

Anyway, wish me luck. Especially as I hunt for some clothes to wear TO the interview. Oh man, I need to lose weight!!!!!!


4 responses to “Out of Left Field

  1. Good luck! You’ll find something to wear. If it’s meant to be, it will happen and it will work out. (If it’s not meant to be, don’t sweat it. The interview experience is good.)

  2. Good luck! Or, if you’ve already had the interview, I hope it went well! That would be an awesome job!

    I do childcare for two friends, and I can tell give you suggestions on pay, or at least what is reasonable pay here 🙂 One friend pays me $4.25/hour for her 2 and 7 year olds, and the other pays me $30/day for her 1 year old. It worked out best that way, since I have the 1 yr old on a fairly regular schedule, and the other two are a little more random.

    I think what you’d really have to decide (not that you haven’t already thought of this, I’m sure) is whether what you would make would be enough on top of what you’d pay for child care to make it worth it. That’s why I ended up babysitting instead of getting a job outside the house!

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