Early Detection

I just wanted to add my prayers to the millions of other people for Christina Applegate who recently announced her battle with breast cancer. Three weeks ago she had a double mastectomy and says she is 100% cancer free. YAY! Christina (yeah, I’m on a first name basis with her. Gotta problem with that??) is only 36, which seems awfully young, but because of her family history she has been diligent in her checkups and such, and through early detection was able deal with this at a very early stage.

You all know that I am doing the 3 Day Walk here in Arizona to raise money for research for a cure. I have learned quite a bit since becoming involved in this cause. Breast cancer does not know age. At my Getting Started meeting, I was told stories of women of all ages who were diagnosed with breast cancer. I think the youngest was 19 (don’t quote me on this, however). Breast cancer is not just for old women, so waiting to get a mammogram at age 50 or whatever should NOT be an option, especially if you have any risk factors. My grandmother had breast cancer, so while my likelihood of getting breast cancer isn’t as great as say, my own mother’s, I also know she was not the first in the family.  It is still important for me to be checking. Breast cancer also just isn’t for women. According to the Susan G. Komen website, 1.4 of 100,000 men were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. It may not seem like a lot (especially in comparison with the 124 out of 100,000 women), but I just want to let you know it IS there. Breast cancer is a very real thing, not just something that happens to other people… to old women that we don’t know.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw out that my thoughts and prayers are with Christina Applegate and her family as well as a number of other people that are fighting this disease in one way or another. It’s refreshing to hear such a positive outcome of a scary situation, and I love that Christina has kept a good sense of humor and a positive outlook.

Oh, and I’m desperately needing donations for my 3 Day Walk!  My goal is $3000, and so far I have raised $550.  I have a long way to go, I know.  You can donate online or you can send in a check.  Go here, to my personal site, to do just that.  Thanks!!


2 responses to “Early Detection

  1. I had no idea about Chrisitna Applegate! You are so educated, Riah! 🙂

    My roomate at BYU, her dad died while we lived together of breast cancer. That was the first time I had ever heard of men having it too. It also helped me not be so afraid of cancer. Not that I want it or anything, but, I don’t know, I was just more aware of what it was like for someone I know to have it.

    Anyway, I’m so proud of you for doing this walk and wish that I could put some toward your cause! Sorry we are such financial losers!

    Luv ya!!

  2. I’ll try to remember to put my check in the mail tomorrow!

    I also had no idea about Christina Applegate. Yes, she was young to get it, but as you say, breast cancer is really not that picky–no cancers are. Thank you for representing others of us who see events like these in the news and say, “That would be a really good thing in which to participate.” and it ends there with that period–full stop. So, thank you, Sariah, for making it so easy for others of us to participate–a few dollars is ever so much easier than a three day walk!

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