Sore Loser

We don’t have cable right now. We don’t have an antenna, either, so we don’t even get basic channels like NBC or PBS. I’m liking the fact that we are no longer so dependent on the nightly TV schedule, but there are things from TV that I miss.

I miss the Olympics. I absolutely love watching the Olympics. Yes, I know I can watch stuff online, but my PC is a dinosaur and it takes soooooo long for anything to load, then the quality is just bad… Ches’ laptop is with him most of the time, so now that school has started I just don’t get to use that as much as I used to. Therefore, I have not watched anything from the Olympics this year. I have been reading things online. News stories and the like.

I read this article today. I have seen the headlines and read some other stories about the questions people have of the correct age of the Chinese women gymnasts. I’m not here to debate on whether these girls are 14 or 16 and whether or not there is some kind of cheating going on.

Instead, I want to commend the American Gymnasts for being such gracious “losers”. Sure, they wanted the gold, and probably any other day would have won it. It’s too bad Alicia Sacramone had such a bad day, but doesn’t that happen sometimes? Even to the best? Alicia and her teammates accepted the silver medal with dignity, as they should. They were not up to snuff. They didn’t earn a gold medal, and they know it, and I appreciate their sportsman-like behavior.

Too bad noone has taught Bela and Martha Karolyis about proper sportsmanship. They can’t be happy with second place. Oh, no. They have to look around and bring down everything and everyone around them. I think we’ve all known people like this. They are never happy with what they have because they are too busy trying to blame everyone else for one-upping them. Perhaps the Chinese are cheating. I don’t know. I don’t care. The IOC says they accept the passports and documents showing the grils’ age to be 16, so we should to. Nothing in this world is perfect, and not everyone is honest. But to make the Americans look and feel worse about not getting gold because you’re accusing another team of cheating or accusing officials of purposely delaying Sacramone’s floor routine just to shake her up is just plain wrong.

It’s almost as bad as this guy. Ara Abrahamian won a bronze medal, and wasn’t happy about not getting gold, so he threw his medal on the wrestling mat and walked away.

Excuse me. You are an Olympic athlete. You just got a medal. I know you have worked hard and your goal was to get the gold, but guess what? Not everyone can win. There is one gold medal, and you just didn’t get it this time. Get over yourself and be grateful for the experience you had. Be grateful that you got any medal. Be grateful that you were even able to attend and compete in the Olympics. That in itself is a high honor that few in the world will ever get. This man disgraced himself, his teammates and country, his sport, and the Olympics in general because he decided to act like a two year old and throw a temper tantrum.

The Olympics are about unity and sportsmanship, not about individual egos (which is why I have very little patience for people like Bode Miller). The Olympics is the ultimate time to show what it is to lose with grace and dignity. Since when is getting ANY kind of a medal a bad thing??

I’m glad Abrahamian quit. If only we could get rid of the Karolyis’ (She is the US national team coordinator, he is an NBC commentator). We don’t need that kind of negative influence around. What kind of a message are these three people sending out to the general public? You don’t win, so throw a fit and try to bring everyone else down? Take an example from the American gymnastic team… gold isn’t everything. Accept your medal with a smile. We’re proud of you for just being there. At least I am!


4 responses to “Sore Loser

  1. Loving the kiddie pool with floaties pics! I haven’t been on the blogs in sooo long. Just thought I’d stop by and say hello!

    I’m trying to get The Big Question going again, so pop on over when you get a chance.

    Take care,

  2. All this reminds me of the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake when there was that big controversy over the ice skating. I can’t even remember the details (I know there was judge bribing going on), just that I was impressed with the grace that the athletes had during the whole mess. I agree with you about the US gymnasts, and it’s too bad the Karolyis can’t keep their disappointment as disappointment and just encourage the girls to keep up the good work. In a position like that, their example of how to handle situations like this is going to make an impression on the girls they coach. Let’s hope the girls are mature enough (or have parents who are) to be able to maintain the grace and dignity they’ve shown so far!

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