Underestimated: An Update on Overrated Things

I have the best husband ever. Ever. He knew how much I wanted to go with him on the field trip today and to see the DCI quarterfinals broadcast live into movie theatres. He knew how hard I tried to find a sitter. He knew I was willing to sacrifice once again (even if I was completely unhappy about it). He decided to do something about it. Ches found me a babysitter: a student from last year that has graduated and hasn’t left for college yet. She is apparantly “awesome” and “the boys will love her. They’ll have a lot of fun with her.” She will be at our house for about 8 hours, babysitting. How we are going to pay her is beyond me (I think it may involve taking out a small loan from the bank!!), but what matters is that because my husband loves me so much, he found a solution and now I get to go!

I have completely underestimated him. It never occured to me that he would be so thoughtful and take matters into his own hands. I mean, I always knew he was a nice guy and that he loves me, but you know… finding a babysitter is usually the mom’s job, not the dad’s. And since it is his school kids going, he has to think about them. He went above and beyond just to make me happy. Yup. I love him!! Now I must reciprocate to show him how much I appreciate him!! 😀


5 responses to “Underestimated: An Update on Overrated Things

  1. YAY! I’m so glad that he decided to display his greatness! Plus I’m very happy for you! Isn’t it wonderful when the husband finds the babysitter?! It makes the ‘outing’ that much more enjoyable!

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