Marrying someone who has the same interests as you is so overrated. You wanna know why? Because while it’s nice to have things to share when it is just the two of you, once you marry and have kids you never get to do those things together anymore. You can’t find a sitter to save your life, so when there is a big deal that both you and your spouse want to attend, one of you has to end up staying home. And since your husband’s job has to do with that particular interest, who gets to go to the big deal? Not you. Your husband. I’m completely jealous and upset and I feel like a 3 year old. I want to stomp my feet and yell and cry and whine, “It’s not faay-yerrrr!” because honestly, it’s not fair. It’s not.


3 responses to “Overrated

  1. You are so right. Well do I recall how I had to stay home during fishing competitions that DW would inevitably NOT WIN! I was the fisherman, but he got to go. I didn’t mind him going hunting all of the time (and I do mean ALL OF THE TIME), but it crossed the line of what was fair when he began fishing and that was MY THING, but I didn’t get to go.

    Mainly, the gripe I hear you saying here is that a sitter is harder to find than a 4-leaf clover. (Especially when you say, Oh, btw, one of my kids has AD/HD and Asperger’s…)


  2. Nathan’s job feeds him REALLY well. The company allots $25 per meal when he’s on a trip so he always gets to have these fantastic meals at nice restaurants. I try *really* hard not to let that bug me…but man, it gets under my skin sometimes. I want a meal that I don’t have to cook sometimes too! I can’t justify it in our budget…but I want it I want it I want it! No fair that Nathan’s First Officer has been on more dates with him than me!!! 😛

    What a bummer that the babysitter didn’t work out. That’s just crazy that people won’t babysit in your ward. What a disappointment 😦

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