Back To School

Aiden started first grade today!! He rode the bus to school and everything. I think he was a little nervous because he wouldn’t let me take a picture of him waiting at the bus stop, but I’m sure he’s fine. I can’t wait for him to get home so I can hear all about his day at a new school with a new teacher. First grade!! Wow. Am I going to be this shocked every year when he starts a new grade?


6 responses to “Back To School

  1. YAYAYAYAY for all involved! However, I think it’s crazy that you are already back in school!! Even though my kids are getting older every day, it’s hard to imagine everyone else getting older too! They grow up so fast! I hope his day was wonderful!

  2. Seriously, I hate the drive – pick up routine but you are one brave momma to let your first graders go on the bus!!! I applaud you…I would have been a puddle of gooey slooshyness as Thing One drove away. THey would have had to scrape me off the pavement…then I would’ve followed the bus…HEHE!

    Good for you AND Aidan!

  3. Yes, you will. Every single year. I have one going into first grade (too bad we live so far apart! Lexi would adore Aiden, I think!) and one going into 3rd grade, and I can’t believe it!

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