Ways to Know You Really Are a Grownup

10.  You get excited when buying your vacuum.  So excited that you even call your younger brother and describe every detail of said vacuum and all of it’s functions, even though your brother just wants to hang up the phone to go out with his girlfriend.

9.  You hear about the engagement or marriage of a friend and think, “Well, it’s about stinkin’ time!”

8.  You have complained about the music kids are listening to these days as too loud and indistinguishable from any other music that’s out there these days.

7.  The kids you used to teach or mentor are now all married and starting to having their own babies.

6.  You sympathize more and more with you mother and all she went through when trying to raise you and your siblings.

5.  You have answered a question from a child with, “Because I said so, that’s why.”

4.  You look at the clock one night, notice that it says 10 pm, and exclaim, “Oh my gosh!  It’s so late!  I gotta get to bed right away if I’m going to be able to function at all tomorrow.”

3.  You have referred to current university students as  “kids”.

2.  Your dream in life is to own a nice refrigerator and your own steam cleaner.

1.  You have talked with your friends about the state of “kids these days” and you’re referring to teenagers, not to 5 yr olds.  And the “kids these days” don’t know how good they have it in comparison to your teenage years.


5 responses to “Ways to Know You Really Are a Grownup

  1. Erica — I don’t know whether or not Richard has a girlfriend. Keep in mind I have SIX younger brothers. Yes, six. And who says i was talking about anything recent??

    Zen — Actually, I was just pulling an experience from years ago when I got my new vacuum. I was so excited about it and seriously told my brother all about it, while he laughed at me and my domesticity. Of which I normally have none. 🙂

  2. What?! SIX younger brothers? I only know of two. Oh…DUR… Gotcha.
    You know you’re a grownup when you hear that the price of school lunches is going up and you had already thought that they were frickin highway ROBBERY!! In fact, you’re thinking of committing robbery just to afford the LUNCHES!! Stick em up! I’m a MOM and I want your ChuckECheese tokens, buster!
    Fuff. Those two kids can take bologna-and-bread sandwiches and thermos of water to school. After all, school is like a prison now anyway. You’re scanned for weapons at the door and you can’t leave class for the restroom without personal identification. (I’m not kidding!)
    You know that you’re a grownup when you look at your 13 year old and think, “WHAT THE HECK! Where did this tall, lanky person come from?” And you’re frightened about where he might be going.
    You know that you’re old when you hear the aforesaid son say the word “sex” and you are scandalized, positively horrified.

    Currently pulling out hanks of my hair,

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