Walking, Bubble Bath, Baby Love

Three beautiful things:

1.  Walking 3 miles with women I have never met before, but came to really enjoy their company and hearing their stories and getting to share mine. 

2.  A long, warm, relaxing bubble bath while reading a good book and letting those tired leg muscles straighten back out a bit.

3. Parker hugged me today and said “law oooh”, which of course means “I love you”.  And he patted my back as he hugged me.  I love my babies.

8 responses to “Walking, Bubble Bath, Baby Love

  1. http://weblog.xanga.com/fevered_angel

    FOUR or more, now…I see you tried to come by…You have to sign into xanga first, I think…

    I saw Jamie last night and although she thought that she looked tired, I thought she looked great. Which was nice, because she’s been here for over a week visiting her mom and you KNOW how that is probably going! lol (It’s a pure wonder she’s not gone insane. Just kidding!)

    Anyway, try the site again, because I have two full pages of photos & wedding/honeymoon story, plus read the day BEFORE the wedding, b/c you would not believe DW. Or maybe you would! -aggh!

    That Dallin of yours is SO cute…Not that the others aren’t – you KNOW they are! But I love this pic. on Flicker of Dallin in his green floaties… 🙂

    – Angel

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