Where’d That Come From??

For a while there I was obsessed with checking my blog stats every day, several times a day.  Back when I still used Blogger I signed up for one of those free stat counter thingys.  Karen told me that’s where she got hers.  It was fun to see what key words or phrases strangers would look up and come across my blog.  But there was hardly anything interesting.  And as far as seeing WHO was looking at my blog? Well, it pretty much gave me the IP address and the city and state/province/country.  Most of the time I knew who each visitor was.  Oh, and I could see how many times a day each person actually clicked on my blog, and see how long they stayed at my blog.

Then I moved to WordPress and the have their own stat counter built in.  Now I can see a handy chart of the day to day hits as well as the actual website that my readers come from.  It gives me those key phrases that are googled.  There are rarely surprises anymore.  Anytime someone searches for “Parable of the Talents” they get this post.  Any type of search for a cool cake brings you to this post.  And it seems a lot of people want to know how to pronounce Roncesvalles, Tremont St., and Coeur d’Alene, so they head to this post.

I actually stopped looking at my stats there for a while (I think mostly because I saw such a dip in my readers, I got depressed.  So petty of me, I know, but dang it all, I want to be popular!!).  A few days ago I started up my ritual of checking my stats before anything else in my blog.  I started to notice that there were a lot of unfamiliar referring websites.  Usually I only see the people on my blogroll and the Google searches.  Now, however, there are these other blogs that I’ve never heard of.  And why would someone be coming from “LOL Catz” for something on my blog?  It seems that now WordPress gives you options at the end of a post of other “related” posts.  So now anytime someone writes about sex, they get referred to my ONE post with “sex” in the title.  Interesting.  

I don’t know if I really like this “automatically generated possibly related posts”.  Again, I really want to be popular, but I there may be some unwanted traffic.  Of course, as long as every commenter is nice, I don’t care where you come from or how you got here.  And I like the discussions… so bring it on!!  Just no mean stuff.  I have to break up enough fights with my three boys.  I shouldn’t have to do it on my only place of relief. 😉

4 responses to “Where’d That Come From??

  1. I try to make a point of commenting on my friends’ posts as they come up. I wish I had more to say here, but I just wanted you to know I stopped by.


    You probably already knew that.

  2. Well I check your blog daily Sariah, always hoping for a new read. I enjoy reading about you, and since you live in AZ, and so does my FIL I think that’s totally cool, lol. Oh and since I link here from Laural’s I guess that’s ok, right?

  3. We love you Sariah!! 🙂 I pop in as often as I can – though sometimes I get swamped in kid land and don’t get time to make my usualy blog visits (or I feel more like playing you on facebook).

    Anyway, I had mixed feelings on the whole possibly related posts – for the same reason as you, and finally turned it off. I might turn it on at some point – i just don’t know.

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