And That’s What The Fire Extinguisher Is For

Dallin and Parker have been having a lot of fun in this new house.  They like to take toys and blocks and balls and stuff and throw them down the stairs.  They drive cars and rubber duckies down the stair railings.  They put all the building blocks in the fridge yesterday.  Dallin actually SAT in the fridge today.  And they like putting things in the oven and taking it out.  It’s fun to pretend that they are baking, apparently.

I remember a post from Heather waaaaay back when (a couple years ago, I’m thinking) when Little Red used to put things in the oven and she got used to checking the oven before she turned it on.  Melted cars do not make for a happy Little Red, if I recall correctly. 🙂  Anyway, I started to kid with Ches that we were going to have to start checking the oven before we turn it on, just in case.

Oh, how I wish I had done that tonight.

Dinner was late, as seems to be the case lately.  It was 7 pm and Dallin and I had just returned from the grocery store.  I decided it was too late to make tacos (besides, I forgot to buy more tortillas and we only had two left.  And yes, I know that I could make them from scratch, because they are that easy, but I didn’t want to make the effort.  Like I said, it was too late already.).  So I turned on the oven to preheat and pulled a frozen pizza out of the freezer.  Then I set about making some juice.  

I had all the water in and was getting a spoon to stir it up when… Huh.  What’s that smell?  Like burning plastic??

I opened the oven to see two plastic balls that are supposed to be in the tub for bath time (oh great, I just realized it was supposed to be bath night tonight, too.  Crap).  One of the balls was sitting right up on the element… and it was on fire!!!!!

I yelled and screamed for help.  Ches came down the stairs pretty quickly. I pulled the fire extinguisher out from under the sink, then exclaimed, “I don’t know how to use this thing!!”  Ches took it from me and in a flash, with just one puff, put out the fire.

That smoke from the extinguisher does NOT taste good. My throat felt very yucky.  Still kind of does.

So now we have this residue all over the kitchen and the inside of the oven is completely white.  So much for frozen pizza for dinner.

Ches and I set about cleaning the kitchen (good thing is was mostly dirty dishes out!!) and getting rid of any extra residue so we could make dinner.  The kitchen really needed cleaning anyway, so I guess this was as good as an excuse as any.

The boys had cold cereal for dinner and Ches and I had bagged salad.  At 9 pm.

I haven’t set fire to anything in such a long time!  I was doing so well!!  Or so I thought.  When I said so to Ches, he said, “Yeah, pans aren’t good enough for you anymore, so now you’ve moved on to the oven.”

At least he got amusement out of the entire evening.  And now I know how to use the fire extinguisher.

8 responses to “And That’s What The Fire Extinguisher Is For

  1. I forgot to comment! I read this a while ago and I forgot to comment. I really laughed – because we have done SOOO many similar things. I usually forget about the fire extinguisher and dump baking soda on it in stead – more like crazily fling it – but yeah, if you can’t grab a fire extinguisher fast enough, baking soad will do the trick marvellously – trust me I have used it MANY times.

  2. WOw Sariah! WOw! That is crazy!

    My biggest fear is the kids will learn how to turn on the oven burners. They’re on the front, and it’s a gas range… uh, ya!

    I don’t have a fire extinguisher. That could be a problem. I DO have a lot of baking soda though!

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