The Not So Secret Life Of Bees

The other day, about 9:30 am, the doorbell rang.  Ches was at school, getting some work done, and we don’t know anybody, so I was a bit confused.  And I was in my pajamas.  Well, it was a neighbor who noticed something odd at the corner of our house, upstairs by the roof, and thought we ought to know.

It was a swarm of bees.  Big bees.  Lots and lots of bees. 

Not good.

So I called Ches at school and he called the management company.  We had an exterminator at the house that afternoon.  The sprayed a bunch of chemicals and said the bees weren’t getting in the attic (yay!) but it looks like they were getting in the wall.  They used some of that expanding foam stuff to close the hole.  Apparently there were actually two spot where the bees were congregating.

It’s been a few days, and most of the bees are gone.  Hopefully the queen is dead, because that should take care of the rest of the hive, or so we’re told.

The scariest part to me is that there have been all these reports around the valley of some swarms of mean, vicious, attacking bees.  People and animals are getting seriously hurt because they end up in the wrong area and these bees start attacking them and stinging like mad.  I’m scared of that happening to us, so once I saw those bees I freaked just a little bit.

Things are fine, now, and mostly I’m just glad that we are renters.  It’s times like this (and like yesterday when the handyman came to do some little repairs around the house) that it’s nice not to be a homeowner and have the financial responsibility of that kind of thing.  When something goes wrong… we make a phone call and it’s taken care of.  As much as I want to own my own home, I’m not looking forward to having to take care of all those little things that come up.  Water heater breaks?  I have to pay for it.  Leak in the roof?  I have to find someone to fix it and I’d have to pay for it.  So yeah.  Sometimes being a renter is the best thing in the world.

7 responses to “The Not So Secret Life Of Bees

  1. I know exactly what you mean Sariah! I really enjoy being able to call someone who has financial responsibility for my house.

    The bees would have scared the snot out of me as well! Lets hope you don’t have to see any more.

  2. It’s only great when you have good property managers/owners. When they’re like mine, however, it still sucks!

    I’m glad you got the bees taken care of.

  3. We’d only owned our house for a year and a half before we had a leak in the master bathroom while we were on vacation. We had to replace the bathroom cabinets, the entire downstairs floor and half of the ceiling (the bathroom is upstairs). Yeah, home ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    Glad the bees are gone!

  4. I laughed at Feathersky’s comment – lol! 🙂 Anyway, I am glad the bees are gone and that you haven’t had any trouble with attacking bees- hopefully you can continue to avoid them. And yes, there are definite perks to being able to call someone else to fix problems around the house.

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