We’re In! (And Other Randomness)

So we’re in the house.  yay!  We still have boxes everywhere and it feels super chaotic here, but that will sort it out soon enough.  The kitchen is a lot smaller than my last few kitchens, so I’m trying to get it all set comfortably for me.  That’s probably the hardest job right now.  At least we have an actual pantry here.


Dallin is having the hardest time adjusting.  The first couple of days he kept saying he wanted to go home now, and when we said “But this is our home now” he would start to cry and yell, “No!  It’s not home!”  He’s doing better, and last night was the first night he didn’t wake up screaming and freaking out in the middle of the night.


We got our phone and internet hooked back up on Tuesday.  It’s nice to feel connected to the world again, even if all the phone calls we’ve received are from telemarketers.


My stepmom’s father passed away last weekend.  The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral is Saturday.  I feel awful that we can’t be there, all because of the price of gas.  Lancaster is definitely within a day’s drive from here, so it would be do-able, but we just plain don’t have the money.  Money sucks.

What’s that quote?  Something like, “Money only matters to those that don’t have it.”  How true that is.


We rented some movies recently with a gift card a friend gave us.  We read about the story of Noah and the ark for Family Home Evening on Monday, then planned to watch “Evan Almighty”, but the kids were horrible and we sent them to bed.  Ches and I watched the movie.  It was really cute.  Definitely good for a family.  Steve Carrell is hilarious.  I’m really starting to enjoy his work (I’ve ever really watched him before and no, I don’t watch “The Office”.  Flame me later for that, ‘kay?).  I especially liked the scene where Evan starts telling God that this isn’t in his plans, then he tells God what all his plans were and God starts laughing.  It made me think of one of my favorite quotes:  “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  It has certainly held true in my life.

At the end of the movie I told Ches,”I sure hope God is like Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of God.  He’s kind, loving, and really funny.  I’d like to think that is was God is really like.”  Both of these “Almighty” movies (Evan and Bruce) just make me happy to have some faith.  Probably silly, but still.  That’s just me.


In case anyone was wondering… yes, it is hot here.  And yes, it’s going to get hotter.  How do we stand it?  We have air conditioning.  And we drink lots of water.  And eat lots of ice cream and Otter Pops.


I’m all signed up for The 3 Day walk.  I’m working on my personal page (I thought it was all set up, but I guess not).  You can visit it at http://08.the3day.org/goto/Sariah.Sharp 

Feel free to make a donation online, or just keep up with my progress.  I’ll be keeping a blog there, as well as on my personal fitness/weight loss blog (“So Long, Fatty!”) that will mark most of my journey through training and fundraising.


Ches just told me that some friends of ours who are moving to Wisconsin are loading their truck tonight.  I didn’t think they were leaving until next week!!  Anyway, looks like we’ll be driving out to Tempe tonight.  Aiden has to at least say goodbye to Carter!


I’m thinking of setting up an email account for Aiden.  He has enough long-distance friends now.  He loves letters — both giving and receiving — but is horrible about sitting down and actually writing.  He loves being on the computer, though.  I don’t know.  He’s only 5, but if I monitor it well, maybe it could be a good thing?  I don’t know.  I keep going back and forth on this.


Well, back to unpacking and such.  Fun fun fun.  😛

8 responses to “We’re In! (And Other Randomness)

  1. Hooray for settling in!
    I know your boys will be used to the new place, soon.

    I completely understand about the gas money thing. I hated having to tell Paul last month that we can’t make any trips down to see his brother only an hour away. We love their family, and the kids play so well with ours. But we can’t afford the gas anymore. Certainly not when it costs me $75 to fill the tank and I’m budgeted for $50 fill-ups. I feel your pain!!!!

  2. A pantry is a good thing, but you have to watch out for the stuff that gets shoved to the back and forgotten. At least that’s what I find with mine. I just opened a jar of beans from 2002. Hey, the beans are vacuum sealed and packed in vinegar — how bad could they be? I haven’t died (yet) from eating them.

  3. Yay for you!!! I’m glad you are getting settled somewhere and hopefully this will last a little bit longer!

    I’m totally with you on the hate money thing…but we’ve discussed that before! 🙂

    Give everyone a hug for me! I miss you guys so much!!!!

  4. Thanks again for coming and helping us load the truck tonight, you guys were a great help!! Carter is sad that he won’t see Aiden anymore he has been one of his very best friends!! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!! I will hopefully get some things posted within the next couple of weeks about all of our adventures for the month of May so keep checking back. Good Luck unpacking I wish I could help you! P.S. I’m glad that your doing the 3 day even if I can’t be here to do it with you.

  5. Hurray for settling down in the new house! You’ll have to post photos 🙂

    I hear you on the crazy gas prices. Nathan’s been begging for a motorcycle for YEARS. I’m actually starting to consider it. It would sure cut down on the fuel price getting him to work. (still too worried about the safety thing to concede though)

    The 3 day walk sounds AWESOME! 🙂

  6. Hey! I bet it feels good to be in your new place. Hopefully you can stay in one place for a while. If you liked Evan Almighty, you should see “Dan In Real Life”. I thought that was a good Steve Carrell movie where he didn’t play almost the same character he plays on The Office.

    And.. Cherylyn has had an email address since she was about a week old. She doesn’t know her password so we can monitor it. Let us know Aiden’s email so they can start writing each other.

  7. Yay! I am glad you are getting settled in – and I am glad to have my facebook buddy back – I was going through withdrawl from wordtwist, and the other games we play. 🙂 Good luck on the 3 day walk – woohoo! And yeah, gas is crazy crazy. Paul has gotten his bike fixed up and is hoping to start biking to work – if the weather will co-operate that is.

  8. I will be honest I didn’t ready any of the prior comments so if am repeating what someone else said please forgive me in advance. I have a 9 and 10 year old. A few months ago we signed them up for there own e-mail address with the stipulation that only the hubby and I would know the password. If they wanted into there e-mail they would have to ask us to sign in for them and we would sit and watch what they did. So far it is working well.

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