The Coolest Cake In The World… Ever. Seriously.

I have said to Ches in the past that if doesn’t think the band teacher thing is going to work out for him, that we should open our very own cake shop.  At first he said I watch too much Ace of Cakes.  So?  Duff is awesome.  Then he said that baking means really early hours, and I am not a morning person.  I then reminded him that we are not going to open a bakery.  Just a cake shop.  So we can have whatever hours we feel like.  We don’t have to be up long before dawn making pasteries and such.  He conceeded I was right about that.

Dallin has been on a huge Monsters, Inc. phase of late.  We have been watching it many times a day.  Many, many times.  He can quote every line and sound.  Parker can, too.  It’s really funny to watch the two boys sing and dance along with Mike:  “Put that thing back where it came from or so help meeeee, so help me!”  Dallin is constantly running around, looking for Boo’s door, and he keeps trying to steal my debit card from my wallet so he can slide it in our pantry door (our pantry is actually a wadrobe from Ikea… it has double doors) and open up doors.  He says, “Let’s play Monsters, Inc!!”  It’s cute.

Friday was Dallin’s third birthday, and I had the best idea.  To make a Mike Wizowsky cake.  I went online to my favorite cake site, Coolest Birthday Cakes, to see if anyone else had made any.  My idea originally was to do just Mike, but then I saw pictures others had done, so I copied them.  It’s Mike sitting on what looks like Sulley’s fur.  I bought some ready to use fondant, borrowed a friends Pampered Chef Batter Bowl (my friend with the ball shaped cake pan went out of town, so I couldn’t borrow it.  That’s why Mike’s head is flat on top instead of being round), and went to work.  I made Ches stay up and help me out.  He helped with the fur.  That was a lot of fun to make because it didn’t have to be perfect.  It was just regular frosting and a 6 pointed star tip, pulled up.  You can kind of do it haphazardly and pointing in different directions and have different lengths.  Made it look even more like Sully’s fur.  For Mike, I covered him in fondant, then shaped his arms, legs, hands, and feet from the same green fondant (used Wilton’s Kelly Green for dying the frosting).  Ches cut out the eye, mouth, and teeth, and shaped the horns.  I stuck everything on there.  The next day I made a little sign that said “Happy 3rd Birthday Dallin” and stuck it in there behind the three candles.  The cake turned out pretty well, I think.
The Cake
The Birthday Cake

Dallin didn’t actually get his cake on his birthday. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday dinner and stayed much longer than I had anticipated. Dallin had a blast (all three boys did, really!), and he cried like it was the end of the world when we left. He crashed within 10 minutes of getting home, so cake and ice cream and presents would have to wait. Poor Aiden. He was already to sing! He wanted our little family party to continue!

Saturday morning I was awakened by some boys who wanted birthday cake for breakfast. As a special treat, Ches and I allowed it. And hey, if you listen to Bill Cosby, you’ll know why cake is a healthy breakfast. And ice cream is dairy. So it’s all good. Anyway, Dallin had not yet seen the cake (Ches and I wanted to both see his first reaction), and he was pretty happy with it. Just the biggest grin. He couldn’t quite blow out the candles, so Ches helped him. I really loved his reaction once the candles were out.
After the candles were blown

Once the boys had their fill of cake, it was present time. Dallin received some cool presents from Grandma B in Ohio (Spiderman tin of mints, a Spiderman coloring book, Ramone from “Cars”… um, I forget what else). From our little family, Dallin got a little igloo tent, a barrel of monkeys, wood building blocks, a Duplo version of Lightening McQueen, and a police officer’s outfit and gear for Mr. Potato Head. He was pretty happy. Once the tent was up, he was in it, throwing his new block in so he could build. He has played in the tent every day, and shared very nicely with his brothers. Aiden is actually sleeping in it right now.

Oh, and for our anniversery… we went to Chuck E. Cheese and got one of those photos where they “sketch” you. We’re kissing. It’s really dumb, but oh so funny. We exchanged gifts later, and we’ll have a real celebration at some point. 🙂 Ten years is a great milestone, but having a third birthday on the same day is a lot of fun for the whole family.


16 responses to “The Coolest Cake In The World… Ever. Seriously.

  1. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. That cake is awesome!!!
    and you, by extension, are awesome!

    Happy Birthday Dallin! Happy Anniversary to you and Ches!

  2. I looked at the pictures before I actually read the post. When I saw the cake pictures I thought you had totally splurged on a cake for Dallin! That cake is wonderful, you & Ches are so talented to pull something together like that!

  3. LOVE the cake!! you should totally open a cake shop anyway!! Happy Birthday Dallin!! and Happy Anniversary to you two 🙂 Vince and I got one of thoe sketches done before we got married, we were kissing to, 🙂 I think they are so fun and cute!!

  4. You are so right; that is the coolest cake I have ever seen. You guys did an awesome job!

  5. That cake is SO crazy awesome! I’m going to have to learn how to use fondant–that looks so professional! You could open up a cake shop from home. Once a few local friends see how cool your cakes are, word would spread fast. I’d buy a cake from you 🙂
    Happy B-day Dallin!
    (that means that Jenacy’s b-day is right around the corner! NOOO!!! My little girl isn’t allowed to grow up!!!)

  6. That is totally awesome! Fondant is so cool – though I don’t use it much (its a bit spendy with all the cakes I end up making). This would have been so cool when Dot had her Monster’s Ibc party years ago – I just did a round cake Mike – but I did dip potato head arms in the green icing for him, heh. I love this one though, way better!!

    You totally rock!!

  7. Seriously…you should sell cakes! You’d be very busy in April in my family if you did…lol. My 5 year old says….”cooooooooooool!”.


  8. Sometimes I am surprised that you are related to me at all! What a cool cake!! I’d order cakes from your cake shop! 🙂 [It could be a sideline from music–still artistic!]

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  10. Sariah your cake turned out amazing… sorry about the cake pan but it looks like the batter bowl worked great. I have never used fondant before, was it hard??? You did a really awesome job, I would have to say that it rivals my pirate ship cake!!!

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