Schedule of Events 5/2/08

ALL DAY:  Ches and my 10th anniversary.  Wo-hooooo!

ALL DAY:  Dallin’s 3rd birthday!  Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

8:15 am:  Take Aiden to school, where he gets his first Field Day, followed by a class pizza party.  (Good luck, Miss B.  These kids are gonna be crazy go nuts all day!!)

8:30 am:  Clean the kitchen.  It’s a mess and a half.  You’ll see why once I post pictures tomorrow.

1:10 pm:  Pick Aiden up from school.  (Early release on Fridays.)

2:00 pm:  Take Dallin to the pediatrician for his 3 year old checkup.  (Hope there’s no shots for him on his birthday!)

5:30 pm:  DInner and fun at Chuck E. Cheese.  Also, birthday cake (wait until I show you The Most Awesome Cake Ever!!), ice cream, and presents.

7:30 pm: Dallin’s bedtime.  We’ll see if anyone gets to bed at a decent hour tonight.

AFTER THE KIDS ARE ASLEEP:  Ches and I will open our anniversary gifts.  We’ll go out another night, just the two of us, and celebrate.  Today is Dallin’s birthday, and we want it to be his day.

What a day today is going to be!!  We are all soooooo excited!


7 responses to “Schedule of Events 5/2/08

  1. Isn’t May 2nd the bestest day in the world? Dallin and I share a fabulous birthday and now I find out that I get to share it with you and Ches too? Awesome!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on 10 years. I loved your schedule. It shows people how much you love your child. I felt the love coming off the blog or maybe its me being sentimental since having my own child. Enjoy Dallin’s birthday and your anniversary.

  3. Happy Aniversabirthday! Or Happy Birthaniversary! Sorry I didn’t call–out with Aunt Marisa. But the box arrived on time, right? Love to all, can’t wait to see the pics.

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