Baby Boom

Doesn’t it feel like every person you know is either pregnant or just had a baby?  Seems like it here.  Every night, in our family prayers, we ask for blessings for each of our pregnant friends and family members that the pregnancies will go well and both the mother and baby are healthy.  For a while, we were naming the people we were praying for, but then the list got too long.  We can’t remember everyone!!  We have Emily, Rachel, Tanya, Jean, Laural, April, Anna (although she just had hers), Kris, Tenille… I think that’s it.  Seriously!  I can’t remember!  It’s just too many!

In our immediate families, we have two babies (girls) coming on Ches’ side and one (boy) on my side.  Which means I get to shop for some really cute pink stuff (if you don’t like it, tough.  I have all boys and I want to shop for pink, frilly things!!  I don’t get to do that!!!), and possibly hand down a couple of really cute boy things.

Which reminds me… Alyson, do you want a winter coat and snow boots for Tweedle 3?  For next year, that is?  My kids have now outgrown that stuff, and we obviously don’t use it a whole lot here in Arizona! 🙂

I love new babies.  They are just so precious with their little, wrinkled hands and that old man look to their face.  They are so soft, so quiet, and so cuddly.  I love that they sleep so much because it’s a great excuse to just sit and hold them.

Uhhh, I’m not saying I want another baby right now.  Nope.  No baby hunger here.  I’m not even kidding.  I don’t think I could survive having another child right now.  Give me at least another year before I think about it.

Until I have another one… I will enjoy everyone else’s babies.  Mostly because it’s not my baby, so I don’t have to do the nighttime feedins and the diaper changes and deal with the pukies and all that.  I just get the cuddly stuff.  Perfection!

9 responses to “Baby Boom

  1. LOL…I understand! Is there any way you think I (emphasis on the “I”) could get out of nighttime feedings and diaper changes this time around…isn’t there some sort of agency? Hehe.

    I am hoping life after having babies will be a fresh new world that I can look forward to around Christmas time this year. *sigh*


  2. haha, I’m the ward baby-thief. There are SO many babies right now! And plenty of pregnancies too! That’s the best thing about stealing other peoples babies for a few hours. Keep ’em while they’re quiet and cute, give them back to mom when they’re fussy! 🙂

  3. I am so ready though for those midnight feedings. I know it will be exhausting, but it has just been so long…

    It is always a welcome thing to learn that extra prayers are being sent my way… thanks for that.

  4. I was wondering by that topic if you were baby hungry? And thanks for reminding me of the nighttime feedings…I don’t know why but I haven’t even thought of those…ugh, what did I get myself into…;) j/k I think I’ll be a little more prepared for that this time around.(hopefully)

  5. That’s the beauty of Grandmadom–all the cuddling and spoiling…altho when you visit for lengthy periods of time because of distance, you get involved with nightime pink milk making, diaper changing etc. But when all is saidand done–baby goes back to Mama, and you’re just left with the cuddles. 🙂

    Our ward has been running two or more babies each month for a year! Starte with a set of twins!

  6. Babies are a lot easier to enjoy in person than they are over the Internet, so you are lucky. I’m at that in-between age. Everybody is too old for babies, too young for grandchildren.

  7. I’m not pregnant, nor am I getting pregnant, nor am I baby hungry.

    You and I may nearly be the only ones our age in that category, but that’s fine by me. 🙂 You can be president and I’ll be the vice.

    I like vices. I think I’ll start with the chocolate vice. Then …

  8. I’ll be – I don’t what I’ll be, but I’m definitely not pregnant, getting there, or baby hungry – I already have my hunger fed. 🙂 I’m just reaping all the benefits to indulgent cuddling that I can muster – he snuggles so well. Mmmmm – and i could just gobble his cheeks.

    Uh, yeah, anyway, aside fromt that ramble, yes it does seem like there are a lot of babies in progress lately. 🙂

  9. Two of Jesse’s cousins are pregnant now. He’s anxious to come home and have us start again too. I think he feels some competition with his cousins. 🙂

    Our ward has a ton of babies in it. I think we have at least one new baby blessing once every month or two. The babies all clump together in age too. Maybe that’s just because of being a mostly military ward?

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