House Tour

Hey!  Wanna see the official tour of our house?  Click here.  You’ll also see in the sidebar the link to the flyer.  So… if you know anyone who is looking for a house in Tempe… feel free to refer them! 😉

5 responses to “House Tour

  1. Watching that tour makes me want to come visit you guys. The house looks really good, I noticed some changes since we were there, like the family room was rearranged and the white pantry in the kitchen. it looks really good! I don’t know anybody moving to that area but I’m sure it’ll sell fast, it’s a really nice house!

  2. The house looks great–and the back yard! I can’t believe all that luscious looking grass!! I’m very impressed with all your hard work.
    Wanna come do mine? 🙂

  3. I can’t see it, and I want to! Is there some sort of pop up? Because I tried taking the popup blocker off and it still didn’t work. 😦

  4. You did a great job staging the house! It looks wonderful, and I’m sure your friends really appreciate your help selling their house.

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