New Shoes

One of the many changes that occured with my body since having Parker is that my feet grew.  I know it’s a fairly common “side affect” of pregnancy, but it didn’t happen to me in the first two pregnancies, so why would I think it would happen in the third?  Well, it did, and my shoe size went from a lovely 7 1/2 to an 8 1/2.  It’s not a large size, I guess, but I really liked my 7 1/2 size feet.  ~Sigh~  I now have a closet full of shoes that I cannot possibly wear, no matter how hard I try.  Lucky for my sister Erica, as she is the right size.  A box of about 10 pairs of shoes is headed to Boston right now.  I’m still trying to find a buyer for my rollerblades.  Anybody want some?  They are in excellent condition!  Only been used a few times, and it was on a really well-paved road specifically for bikers and bladers.  I’m throwing in my wrist guards and knee pads for good measure, too!!

Anyway… A few days ago I finally got myself some new Sunday shoes.  I really need more than one pair, but I just can’t spend all that money.  So I got myself some sensible black shoes.  I wanted something different than I had before (which were basically black, fancy flip-flops), and this is what I chose:

My new shoes

I think they are pretty cute, especially with the little bow (which is, of course, the part Ches doesn’t really like. Hmpf). They actually looked cute with my jeans on in the store, too. I haven’t had heels in a while, but there are sooooo many beautiful shoes out there, so I wanted some. I’m just not fond of wedges. I tried on some more sandal-like shoes, and some peep-toe shoes, but these were the ones I liked best. Oh, and they were on sale! Yay!

I wore them to church Sunday. I thought I was pretty darn cute (and I liked being taller!), but after a short time I came to two conclusions:
1. I cannot walk in heels. I was thinking that if I were a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Miss J would have a fit watching me try to walk. I need to practice walking around the house or something.
2. Heels really make your feet hurt. My feet didn’t have that “new shoe” pain. No, it was all the pressure on the front of my feet. I am so glad I didn’t choose the shoes with an even higher heel. Aaack!

As soon as I got in the van at the end of church, my new shoes came off. I walked barefoot in the house and carefully put my shoes back in the closet. I love my new shoes, but I think we need some time apart before I have to face them again.


12 responses to “New Shoes

  1. Heh, sucks being a grown-up, doesn’t it? You have my heartfelt sympathy. (Did you, by any chance, keep the bill? Maybe you could still return them?)

  2. Heels do hurt, the only time I ever wore heels was for ballroom,and at first they hurt so bad and it was hard to dance in them,( I actually fractured my ankle) so now, it’s only flats. I wish I could wear heels every once in a while but I’m to tall as it is, I don’t want to be taller than Vince 🙂

  3. I bought new shoes last week! after 9 months of waiting, my victiorian-inspired shoes went on sale. hoorah! the heel? 3.5 inches. a half inch higher than I’ve dared before.

    I wore them to lunch today and found my jeans are just about the perfect length for them (usually, it’s darn my short legs, jeans are always too long!). and although my walking was slightly akward, I blame this on the ancient brick sidewalk.

    (also, on the awesome side, I had sneakers with me so once I was back on the T and out of sight, it was off with the heels, on with the sneakers, and cuffs in the jeans again)

    I love your new shoes! Don’t return them, you just have to get used to heels again! Not all the pressure should be on the front of your foot, remember. And wedges (I got a pair last summer that are amazing) are waaaay easier and more comfortable than heels. I am also partial to peep-toe, like you. seriously, some one needs to restrain me from DSW for awhile…

    btw, I logged on to write a new shoes post. but now I didn’t want to copy you. so I wrote out the jist of it here.

  4. I am only 2 inches shorter than SH, therefore I either wear very short heels or flats. Works out well for me 😉

    I do have one pair though, knee high black boots with a 3 inch heel. As much as I love them, I want to kill them by the time I am done!

  5. My feet grew and then shrank back to normal. What I cant get into anymore is my wedding ring!!! I have this lovely ring that sits in its box because my fingers are still to fat!!
    As for your heels, Keep them!! They are way cute!!! You should wear them around the house until you break them in. Its time to take back cute!!! Away with the frumpy mommy shoes, clothes, and hair!!! Away with it!!! Ok I know easier said then done!!! But I know its what you are thinking;D

  6. Ya, I went from an 8 to a 9. The good news is that since the 9’s aren’t as popular there are usually more of them hanging around the store.

    I also can relate to that sore ball of the foot cause you aren’t used to wearing heels pain! The once or twice a year I have to wear them I look like I’m just learning to walk for the first time.

  7. I wish my feet were only 8 1/2 mine went from 9 1/2 to about 10 1/2 (though my flipflops are 11!). It sucks.

    As for heels, I love them. Of course, Jesse is 6 inches taller than I, so I can wear as high a heel as I want and he’s still taller than I am. Give it some time and practice and you’ll be fine in your very cute shoes. I have a pair, the highest heels I’ve ever owned, that are about 4 inches I think. I love the way they look, but it took a long time before I could really walk well in them. They still hurt after extended wear (by that I mean the 3 hours of church), but I’m willing to pay that price to have cute shoes in my size.

  8. Surprisingly as the rest of me has grown through my pregnancies my feet and ankles haven’t – but I am shoe backwards- I think it comes from being a tomboy.

    Yours ae very cute though 🙂

  9. I’ve probably told you this story before…but just in case…
    You know that I can only wear flats now [although I manage quite nicely in my cowboy boots] but once upon a time…
    I needed a new pair of dress shoes. I found a pair with which I absolutely fell in love! The heels were the highest I’d ever dared. Your Dad–in fact all three of you older kids–were with me as I tried them on. Your Dad walked over to me and I was now slightly taller than he, so objected to my buying the shoes. My response? “Grow.” I got the shoes. They outlasted the marriage, and I would wear them to the Singles Dances, but if I wanted to dance, I had to take them off so I would get asked– with a few exceptions.
    Those shoes became one of the rulers to measure who I would go out with. He had to be taller, or at least not bothered if we were basically the same height! I finally threw out the shoes last move. They were sooo worn out, and I hadn’t worn them in years–couldn’t even, but they were my really cool shoes!

  10. I hope you get used to the heels! I used to wear high heels all the time when I was younger, but my back and my knees won’t let me any more. Plus, I have very wide feet. You know how hard it is to find pretty, dressy shoes (the kind I can wear to the opera or a gala at the Symphony) that are extra wide and don’t have really high heels? There aren’t a lot of options out there. So I have one pair of pretty black velvet pumps and I wear them when I have to have dressy shoes. I prefer my good sneakers — I call them my dog-walking shoes — since they make me feel like I’m walking on pillows. If only New Balance made dressy shoes… *sigh*

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