The problem with kids getting sick is that it is never just kids getting sick.  You have one or two kids get sick, you deal with it (although the house gets a little messy as your attention moves from vaccuming to washing 500 loads of puke-filled laundry) then you move on.  Or so you think. 

Two days later, another kid is sick.  Oh yeah, and so are you.  The house hasn’t quite recovered from the previous bout of illness, so it just gets worse.  Of course, you still have to healthy and active kids running around, and the sick child is treating you like a slave because he’s so pathetically miserable.  Nevermind that you feel the same way. 

By the way, why can’t toilet paper actually BE soft?  They say it is, but when you are using it every 10 minutes for 12 hours or so, trust me.  It’s not soft.  You might as well be using sand paper.  It really and truely makes no difference.

After a long and miserable day (where the husband has to work late, of course), everyone seems to be better and it’s off to bed.  You wake up the next morning and WISH you were still ill as you can see the state of the house.  Where to start??  What to clean first??  The fridge is empty, prescriptions need to be filled, toys picked up, beds stripped and remade, phone calls made and phone calls returned, more laundry to do…

~Sigh~  Ten bucks says Ches will be ill tomorrow and we’ll start all over again.  Welcome spring.  You brought us the earthquake of the stomach virus and all the aftershocks. 


7 responses to “Aftershocks

  1. This is so true! I’m sure it’s not as bad as it feels, but I’m also sure that it feels pretty darn bad!! I hope that it’s over for you and you can go back to being sunny and happy! If you were here, I would take care of you! 🙂

  2. Well, I hope you are through the worst of it. There is always the cleanup after the disaster. Take it slow and work steadily. Soon it will be behind you.

  3. It happens when your kids go to school. They bring home these mutant viruses that totally flatten adults. This year we got the flu shot (Everyone except Tim) and we have evaded the flu this year. Unfortunately pneumonia is going around as is all thing respiratory. The flu shot doesn’t block those. I’m just biding my time. But other than Jesse’s spittyness we are puke free so far.

  4. So pitiful…I’d cry for you, if I weren’t chuckling. Yes, chuckling. You will look back and laugh, too, when it is not in your house! Wish I could be there and help you out!

  5. ahh yes….I give you a sympathetic nod and a chuckle as well. Best of luck getting things back in order – glad you are feeling better, and I hope that Ches can dodge it.

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