Please Pardon The Interruption…

We’ve been sick.  Really, really sick.  Ches has been sick for about two weeks, but hasn’t had time to go see a doctor or even take a day off to rest and recover because of all his responsibilities at school.  Aiden had a cough slowly coming on all week last week, and on Thursday he came home from school and went to bed.  He missed his first day of school on Friday.  So much for perfect attendance, but at least he is better now.  I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday night/ Friday morning and my face was in complete pain from stuffed up sinuses.  I have never had so much pain in my face, and I’m the girl who had to have surgery on her sinuses!!  So Friday was a miserable day for me, too.  Aiden and I both had fevers and Dallin and Parker had a little cough, but pretty much spent the day destroying the house.  The entire family spent the weekend resting up.  We even all stayed home from church on Sunday (Aiden actually cried about missing church!  This kid has been whining every Sunday morning for the past few months that he “feels sick” and can’t go to church, or that he “hates church”, or that he’s “done learning about Jesus”!!  He finally gets a Sunday off, and he whines and cries about missing it??  I just don’t get that kid sometimes!).  Dallin got a huge fever Sunday night, and had a horrible cough and runny nose.  Monday, Ches called in sick, and Ches, Dallin, and I went to the doctor.  We left with about half the pharmacy, but everyone is doing much better.  Aiden went back to school Monday, Ches goes back today.

SO… That’s where I’ve been.  I need to catch up on everyone, but just wanted to let you know we are all alive.  Hopefully we’ll all stay that way a bit longer. 😉


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