My Other Name

Karen called me Sariah the Somnolent Amphibian in a comment the other day.  I didn’t know why, and I had to look it up in because I don’t know the meaning of the word “somnolent”.  It means “sleepy”, in case you’re wondering.  Once I read the meaning, it occured to me.  You see, to sign in to comment on that particular post of hers, I didn’t use my regular Blogger sign-in.  I used some new sign-in option, clicked on the “W” icon for WordPress, and instead of it saying “Sariah”, it gave my suer name:  “sleepyfrog76”.  It’s all making sense to me now.

I got this username years and years ago.  I was signing up for an email account (which I don’t have anymore), and I wanted something cooler than just “sariah_s” or something.  At first, I tried to use “theslayer” or “slayerfest2000” or “buffyness”, that kind of thing.  It wouldn’t accept that.  Ches suggested that I use “sleepyhead” because I love to sleep. We have different ideas of what is an appropriate bed time and what is an appropriate waking up time.  He is a morning person.  I’m so not.  Anyway… sleepyhead wasn’t accepted either.  At that time I was in to collecting frog paraphenelia, so I thought I’d combine my two loves of sleep and frogs, add my birth year (Spirit of ’76, baby!!) and see what happened.  It worked!!  I’ve used that username for my new email addresses and for my blogs… and a few other things. 🙂

The funniest is that I sent out an email to my friends and family saying, “here’s my new email address”, and my stepdad immediately called me.  “Did you open your Christmas present from Mom already??” he asked.  Uhhhh, no.  I don’t even remember if I had it yet (as my mom is notorious for sending packages late).  I asked why, and all my stepdad would say was, “You’ll see.  It’s just interesting the name you chose for your email.”   Hmmmm.

I opened my Christmas present from my mom… pajamas.  With frogs.  I put them on and declared, “I’m a sleepy frog!!”  I still have those pajamas.  They are just too appropriate.

I like what Karen called me though.  It sounds more distinguished.  Sariah the Somnolent Amphibian.  Sweet.  Karen, you crack me up, just when I need it most.


6 responses to “My Other Name

  1. I had wondered, too. Thanks for sharing that!

    I don’t collect them, but I like frogs too, just because I call my hubby my Big Blue Frog. It’s usually shortened to Big Blue now, or even just Blue, but it all comes from Big Blue Frog. My mom actually found a blue frog keychain so she sent him one a year or two ago – it’s hard to find blue frogs. lol

  2. How fun – I have, too, wondered where you came up with the name. I have froggy pajamas too – two sets! There is just something cool about froggy PJs 🙂

  3. You still have those pj’s!? I’d have thought they’d be long gone by now…that was a long time ago. I like Karen’s phraseology as well–and got it, immediately I might add. [I get stuff so long as it isn’t in joke form 🙂 ]

  4. Very Distinguished, my dear! I’ve always wondered how you put sleepy and frog together…I’ve always loved it! Now I feel so informed! Of course, when I think about it, I knew all that about you anyway! Love it!

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