Politics. Sigh.

I think there really should be a law that says presidential candidates cannot announce their candidacy until 9 months before the November election and all caucuses will be held on the same day about 4 months before the November election.  Oh, and no one can do any sort of campaigning until the official start of the candidacy.  The general election isn’t for 9 months and I’m SO sick of it.  Anyway…

I promised myself that I wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney just because he’s a Mormon.  I think it’s ridiculous that so many people are voting against him because he’s LDS instead of looking at the issues to see if he really is the candidate for them.  So I did my own bit of research and pondering and I believe Romney is the candidate for me.  I’m sad to hear that he’s dropped out of the race, but I understand the reasons.  More than I want Romney for a candidate, I don’t want Hilary Clinton.  I’ll vote for just about anyone over her.  Romney is just trying to give his party the strongest candidate.  I think it’s a good idea.  If I stick with the party I’m registered to, I think I will be voting for McCain.  Since we’ve already had our caucus here in Arizona, there’s not much more I can do to make sure my party has a the best candidate.  I now wait for the final candidates so I can make a good decision on who I think should be president.

No matter what my decision is, I honestly believe (and I’ve been saying this for about a year now) that Obama will be our next president.  We’ll see if I’m right in November.  Until then… if your state has not yet held their caucus, remember to go out and vote!  Do the research and make an informed decision.  Don’t vote for someone just because of what they do on Sunday morning.  Make sure they actually have the values you want in a candidate. Make sure you know what their plans of action are.  And help others around you be informed.  Voter turnout in this country is atrocious!  I think it’s something like an average of 1/3 of the registered population actually votes.  How is that going to help make sure the right people are voted in to office?  How is that representative of the people, if the majority of the people didn’t get their voice out there?  We all say “If you didn’t vote, you can’t complain”, but we need to do more than that.  If you know of someone who is registered but can’t get to the polling station for whatever reason, HELP them.  I don’t care if they aren’t voting the same way as I am, I will still drive them so they can make their voice heard.  Yes, it is that important to vote, people!

I know that this post is not well-written and is just one big ramble after another.  These are just a few of the thoughts that have been going through my head lately.  I rarely talk politics because I can’t stand the level of contention between people that goes on.  I don’t care what party one belongs to, or if they are even in a party.  I just want people to actually do something to make this the country we all think it is (or was, once upon a time).


7 responses to “Politics. Sigh.

  1. I totally agree with you, everyone needs to vote but they also need to know what the candidates stand for.

    I like you idea for when campaigning can start. I too am sick of the rhetoric that has been going on for awhile and will continue until November.

  2. Ugh. Romney. So glad he dropped out…

    The Constitution states in Article II, section 10 (I think it’s 10, it might be 9, I don’t have all the articles memorized) that the every state in the country shall vote on the same day of the same year for the president.
    So the actual election has to be on the same day, but the primaries don’t.
    I like that the caucuses are spread out. It allows for plenty of debates, gives the candidates a chance to visit a lot of locations right before the primary, and makes it so the candidates all have time to advertise and campaign how/where they want.

    If anything should be changed, it’s the electoral college system. I hate that a Californian’s vote counts more than mine. Just make all the votes equal.

  3. BLAUGH! I hate all the vote for me commercials, and ‘see how wonderful I am’ hoohaa! Can’t we just skip forward to December and have the elections over with?!

  4. I agree! I think that McCain has promised Mitt the Vice-Presidency if he wins and that is why he dropped out…he;ll run again in the next election I am sure. OK, don’t quote me on that…hehe. It bugged me jsut as much that all the LDS people around me were all, vote Mitt! Vote Mitt! Just BECAUSE he’s LDS. It’s like come on people get a brain and make an informed decision. Personally I think religion and politics are never a great mix. Anyhow, that’s my ramble…peace out. *wink*


  5. I agree with Sariah’s idea out of sheer exhaustion! At my age I’ve gone through tyhis so many more times than you kids. Except, Erica is right, too, in the the spread gives people a chance to get up close and personal–sorta–with those campaigning. How about a compromise? 9 mo start, 3 mo campaining to Primaries thyen down to the final 2? Or maybe 6 mo start…
    The whole purpose of the electoral college was to protect the populace of the small states. Your MA vote should count as much as a CA vote because of the spread. The states that divide their votes are actually weighing the votes most equally.

    Time will tell…but I think McCain already has a deal going with Huckabee. I do not think as highly og Huckabee as once I did because of the way he went after Romney for being LDS. I once thought him a truly honorable man–and voted for him. I liked him when I had the opportunity to meet him. But I’m not sure I could vote for him now. With the exception of Hillary Clinton [and the afore mentioned reservations on Huckabee] I think we have honorable candidates in the leading spots. That is refreshing.

    [But I still like the idea of a Romney/Huckabee ticket. thought the Mormon and the Baptist minister just too funny.

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