Will-Not Power

I will not eat the rest of the brownies.  I know there’s not a lot left.  But I won’t eat them.  No, I won’t.  No, I won’t!  NoIwon’tnoIwon’tnoIwon’t.

Well, maybe I’ll just have a small one.  That’s not all the brownies.  It’s just one part of one brownie.

Noooooooo.  If I eat one small part of one, I will got back for another small part.  And then another and another until they are all gone.

I won’t do it, I tell ya.  I won’t.  Iwon’tIwon’tIwon’tIwon’tIwon’t.

Yes, I will.  One small brownie piece.  And that’s itReally.

Mmmmmm, that was good.  I’m done.  No more brownies for me.  They are for Ches and Aiden and Dallin and Parker… what will I eat a s a treat when they are eating brownies?? 

Seriously, Sariah.  No.  More.  Brownies.  For once someone else will finish off the pan.  Yup, that’s the idea.  Think positively… someone else gets to eat the brownies!!  I’m not depriving myself of delicious brownies!  I’m treating the people I love most to the fudgy goodness.  I don’t need the brownies.

Besides, I promised Aiden I’d make cookies today.


8 responses to “Will-Not Power

  1. I’ve totally had that same conversation in my own head…that’s why I don’t even make them anymore ok maybe once in a while I do 🙂

  2. That is SO funny! I’ve seriously had the same conversation with myself! I’ll do that with chips too– OK, just one handful. Well…maybe just a couple more…mmmm they taste really good…just one more handful… Wait…who ate the whole bag? 🙂

  3. I lose that conversation with myself more than I would like to admit. Right now though, I totally win hehe. Chocolate makes me sick! Sugar of any kind right now makes me so ill it just isn’t worth even sampling.

    Thank heavens pregnancy isn’t forever!

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