Friends Forever (at least online)

Hello, my name is Sariah and I am addicted to Facebook.  Not because it’s Facebook, but because you all know I’m actually addicted to Scrabulous.  I was questioning the validity of my having a Facebook account for a while until I played Scrabulous the first time (losing spectacularly to Karen, I might add).  I only joined Facebook because I was invited by Kris, I had heard about it from Erica, and thought “Why not check it out?”

It was the same thing as MySpace.  A friend from college invited me and I had heard all this hype about it, so I thought I had nothing to lose (except maybe some dignity as a “grown up” who was too good for such childish things!!  heh).  I joined MySpace long before I joined Facebook.  I did connect with some old friends from college and high school, and that was cool.  But overall, it was nothing special to me.

The thing is, these sites give us this false sense of popularity and friendship.  I have reconnected with all sorts of people I used to know and have lost contact with, but I’m not sure “reconnected” is really the right word.  We’re “friends” on MySpace and Facebook, and maybe we’ve sent a nice little message to each other saying “What’s up???  What’s new in your life???  My life is wonderful!!”, but other than that I don’t think I’ve truely connected with anyone.  I play Scrabulous with my current friends.  I send comments or write on the walls or send those mystery flowers to my current friends.  I receive comments or mystery flowers or funwall posts or whatever from my current friends.  My old friends that I’m supposedly reconnecting with are just pictures and a name under the category of “friends”.

If Hasbro has their way and gets rid of Scrabulous, I don’t know if I’ll keep on Facebook.  It’s just another waste of time and pretense.  I haven’t looked at my MySpace page in a few months.  I should just shut it down.  It’s also a waste of time and pretense.  I miss my old friends and wish we were still in each other’s lives, but unless we actually make an effort and rekindle our friendship with more than a picture on Facebook, I just don’t see friendship with them in the future. (I’m not saying my friends need to make the effort, by the way.  I do, too.  It has to be a mutual thing!) 

It’s funny how you can have “98 Friends” on one of these social networking sites, but still feel as lonely as you did before you ever signed up for the site.  I think they should change it from “Friends” to “People I May or May Not Have Known at Some Point in the Past”.

My friends these days are you, my devoted readers who “converse” with me through our blogs.  My best friends these days are my family.  My extended family who I talk to regularly (or semi-regularly) on the phone.  Mostly,  my husband and kids.  They are my best friends and I have the best time with them!  I shouldn’t need Facebook to tell me I have friends.  I do.  I’m satisfied.

6 responses to “Friends Forever (at least online)

  1. I wouldn’t stay on Facebook if it weren’t for Scrabulous. Well, maybe. Facebook is one of the most reliable ways to stay in contact with my brother and sister. Which is ironic, really, because it’s not like we live that far from each other.

    I like playing Scrabulous with my friends, though. Even though we’ve never met in real life (except April), don’t live near each other, and we aren’t related….

    I think you’re throwing some of my words back at me… are you making fun of me??? 😉 I love playing Scrabulous with you. I’ve won a couple of games. 😀

  2. I’ve never tried Facebook because I really don’t want to get sucked into something else that takes up my time. If it weren’t for the friends I have on MySpace, I would shut my page down for the exact same reason.

    But I actually did make some very real friends on MySpace and we talk everyday, offer support, advice, a place to vent at times, and just friendship. I think I got lucky though, It’s a rare thing, I think. And I am not willing to let them go anytime soon, so I have to work hard at making sure I don’t let MySpace overrun the rest of my life. Some days I’m better at that than others. lol

    I think that is what I was initially looking for in MySpace and Facebook. I definitely like Facebook better than MySpace (there are just some FUN applications!), but I would much rather have what you have.

  3. YAY! I’m a *real* FRIEND!

    I love the conclusion of this post. I think you really found the secret to happiness and popularity. 🙂

    Heck yes, you’re a *real* FRIEND!!! Even if I haven’t ever (knowingly) met you in real life. 😀

  4. Isn’t it funny Sariah that I am the same way… I know I met you up there, I just know I did… but can’t remember 😉

    I don’t know what I would do without you guys, the funny thing is that I stay on facebook just to see you people. The ones I actually know from blogs and college. Man do we think alike or what?

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