You’ve Got Mail

I was just thinking about my freshman year of college.  At a certain time everyday you could find a large group of girls sitting around the mailboxes in the dorm lounge.  We waited as the RAs seperated the mail into the proper boxes.  Some girls had their little mailbox door open so as soon as they saw an envelope slipped in from the back side, they could grab it and start reading that long-awaited letter.

Those were the days of mail.  Going to the mailbox was exciting because you never knew what was going to come.  Sure, sometimes there was a bill or some piece of junkmail, but overall mail was something we all looked forward to.  One could expect a letter from home, from “their” missionary, or from friends going to a different university, a postcard from Grandma, a care package from an aunt, a favorite magazine, a birthday card or holiday card.  I loved getting letters and devouring them the instant I could get that envelope ripped open.

My mom would write out her letters and my stepdad would type his.  Mom would throw in comics or blurbs she had cut out from the newspaper.  Sometimes I got a letter from my little brother and sister, who were in elementary school at the time.  My boyfriend would send me looooong letters detailing everything about his college life thousands of miles away.  He would tell me about our friends and give the news from our home town.  I had a friend from high school that would send me cards for every holiday:  Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… all with a sweet little note in them.  My best friends would send me letters full of their new adventures in college or what high school was like now that they were seniors.  Another friend just had a baby, so she would send photos and tell me about every cute little look or sound.  My aunt would send me boxes full of yummy treats (Hershey’s Kisses or Girl Scout Cookies), fun flavors of hot chocolate, shoes, sweaters, stationary, silly fridge magnents… those were always fun to open and discover.  My roommates would get excited to see what I got because I always shared.  I recall even loaning one roommate a sweater I had just received, even before I got a chance to wear it (she had a hot date… how could I deny that??).

Now I go to the mailbox everyday, waiting for something fun.  No such luck.  It’s always a credit card bill or store ads.  I love Christmas time because we get Christmas cards, so it’s fun to look in the mailbox again. (Side note… I didn’t send out cards this Christmas.  Sorry.  We’ll try again next year!!)  Christmas is over, however, so it’s back to mailbox disappointment.

Every now and then I get the urge to actually write a letter.  I love email and IM and how easily I can converse with my friends and family who are far away, but I miss getting those letters.  I miss writing those letters.  That’s the other thing.  With email, IM, and a blog, everyone knows everything and there is nothing left to write in a letter!  It’s nuts!

I found some of my old stationary the other day.  I need to put it to good use.  Don’t be surprised if you get a letter from me that doesn’t really say anything.  I guess it’s just fun to get something out of the mailbox that isn’t going to cost the receiver anything!!


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