It’s A Mystery To Me

My Phantom Book Benefactor has struck again.  Last time it was Twilight, and this time it is This is Your Brain on Musicby Daniel J. Levitin.  It looks really good.  I haven’t heard of it, but as soon as I’m done with the book I’m currently reading (The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi by Jacqueline Park… I’m really, really into this one about an Italian Jew in Renaissance Italy), I will be reading my new book.  I love getting new books!

Seriously though… one of you HAS to know who is so kindly and anonymously sending me books.  It’s the same situation as last time… an unexpected envelope addressed to me with an unfamiliar return address.  I was puzzled because I hadn’t ordered anything and Ches hadn’t mentioned ordering anything for me.  I opened the envelope to find a book inside with an invoice from  Once again, it was just an invoice and not a receipt, there was no indication of who bought this book or where the buyer is from.

Ches laughed at me as I expressed some frustration.  In his wonderful (yet all too familiar) sarcastic voice he said, “Yes, it sucks to get new books, huh?”  That’s not the point, I tried to make clear to him.  The point is that I love new books and I love to read and someone is tapping into that but I don’t know who!!

I don’t have evidence that the PBB this time is the same as last time, so I’m just assuming since it happened once before it must be the same person.  Until I know who it is and can send this person a proper thank you note, I suppose I have to use this blog to say a very public Thank You!!  I’m very excited for this book and I appreciate the thoughtfulness you have for sending me something new to read on a subject that I will obviously enjoy.

I hate not knowing things.  I think the PBB knows this and is enjoying the fact that this drives me crazy.  Just when I had gotten over figuring out who sent me Twilight.  Sheesh. 😉


6 responses to “It’s A Mystery To Me

  1. If I thought of it first (and if I could afford it) I’d totally be a PBB for you, because I DO know how much you hate to not know things.

    I think it’s awesome that you have a PBB. Have you checked out the return address? I mean, is it a real address, or did someone make it up to throw you off because they know you’d know their address? Just a thought.

    The return address is the company that sends the book. You know how you order something off Amazon and it comes through another bookstore or something? The return address is from the bookstore.

    Oh, and I think you and my PBB must be friends because of the IM you left me the other day about sending the gifts… “I found something else that was just perfect for you and had to get it”… Talk about leaving me hanging!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!

  2. How fun! haha, if you ever figure it out you’re going to have to post it cuz I’m curious too!

    (my vote is that it’s your mom–she’s keeping quiet to drive you crazy in an attempt to make up for having to live with you through your rebellious teenage years! She sits at home and giggles about the books for hours…) 😀

    Hey! I was a good kid!! Uhhh, mostly. Anyway, no it’s not my mom. At least not for the first one because she didn’t know anything about Twilight to get that for me.

  3. I wish it was me. Wouldn’t I be such a good friend if it was? In my next life, when I have discretionary money, it just might be me. But it certainly isn’t right now.

    Could it be your husband?

  4. I wish it had been me all along, but no, Sariah’s right–these are not books I know–but I definitely want to!In the current title, as soon as I read “Grazia” I was hooked–the story of an Italian Jew. There never were a lot of them…
    My guess is Aunt Marisa?
    I received a couple things over the years anon. and it drove me crazy until I had them [at least I think so] figured out–and we all know how Sariah is! So I have to say I already have a present for you in the future put away for you. Ha!

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