2007: A Year in Review in Pictures

Here it is, just like I promised! 🙂  I wanted to do a collage of 12 pictures, one representing each month of 2007, but I have no idea how you guys do those cool things, so I’m just going through our photos and picking out stuff.  Let me tell you, it was really hard to pick just ONE per month!!  However, I did it.  And now… (drumroll please)… The 12 Pictures of 2007!!!! 

January — We were given a piano!!
Our Piano

February — The boys early one morning.
Tired Boys

March — At the park, after feeding ducks.
Spring Break

April — After our family Easter Egg hunt.
Easter Eggs

May — “C” is for Ches.
C is For Ches

June — Playing in our backyard.
In the Pool

July — My summer of Harry Potter.
The Book

August — Aiden’s first day of Kindergarten.
In Line

September — Parker’s 1st birthday.
New Toys

October — On a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.

November — Even Rebel Troopers must sleep sometime.

December — Our first family photo in a year.
Our Family 2007

Okay, friends. I want to see your photographic year in review!! 😀

6 responses to “2007: A Year in Review in Pictures

  1. I love the pictures. Now I think I’ll copy you, but first I’ll have to figure out some pictures. That’s going to take some thought…and time.

  2. The pictures were great! I am going to have to try something like that, I am sure it was difficult choosing one per month, even though the year goes by so fast, so much can happen in just one month.

  3. I’ve got to tell you that when I logged into flickr the most recent photo from you was June. I thought, “man, is it THAT warm in Phoenix in the winter?”

    What a fun review! You’ve had so many fun and wonderful things happen this year!

  4. Great idea! I love the review! – I might just have to do one, if I can get access to our pictures – they are on my hubby’s computer which has been having numerous issues…

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