It’s A New Year!!

Yes, folks, I’m still alive. Somehow. I made it through a stressful holiday season, although my house is still a total mess (except for the kitchen… thank you Ches!!) and I have a few more days before I send Ches and Aiden back to school and I can get into a routine again. The wierd part is just how tired I am this week. I spent the first day of 2008 sleeping. Seriously. I didn’t wake up until 11:30 am, and I took several naps thoughout the day. I hope this doesn’t set a tone for how all of 2008 goes.

I look back on 2007, and I can’t say that I’ve really accomplished a lot. I feel like I’ve merely existed this past year and I need to do so much more than just take up a little space on this planet.

Resolutions seem so passe’, have you noticed? No one wants to admit to making a New Year’s Resolution because they are usually broken by 12:08 am on New Year’s Day. However, it’s a good time to look back, reflect, and decide on what and how to change things for the future. I didn’t make any resolutions last year, and maybe that was part of my problem. Several years ago (when Aiden was still a baby) I made resolutions. I wrote them down, and I gave myself a timeline for each resolution, too. I didn’t keep every single one of them, but I did accomplish a lot more that year. I’m thinking I’m going to do that again this year. Give me a few more days and I’ll write it out for you guys.

One resolutions I will give is this: I am going back to writing a lot. I want to keep up my blog more frequently (it is my journal, after all), and I’m going to keep up my novel that I started for NaNoWriMo. Hopefully I’ll have it done before next November’s NaNoWriMo!! Hee hee. I need these things for my own sanity. You all know how much I love comments and need affirmation, though. So leave lots and lots of comments, and I’ll do the same for you. Deal? Good.

I received “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Fourth Edition)” for Christmas this year, so watch out, all of you on Facebook who play Scrabbulus with me. I’m gonna just get better and better. Yay me!

Oh, and a funny story about Aiden before I end this completely wierd and random entry… the other night Ches sat down with a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk when suddenly three boys descended on him, begging for cookies of their own. It was a blur of faces and voices, and they got right in Ches’ face. So I said, “Hey, can you guys at least give Dad a chance to breathe??” The kids backed off, and Aiden walked into the kitchen. Aiden turned to Dallin and said with complete sincerity, “I’m going to stay right here and wait for Dad to get done breathing.”

Could you ask for a sweeter son? Or a more entertaining child? I didn’t think so.

4 responses to “It’s A New Year!!

  1. I don’t make new years resolutions, but I often sketch out my life plan. so I figure that works the same way.

    glad you’ve decided to write more. but you better keep up on that commenting others thing.

    nanowrimo is hard. doesn’t mean you can’t still write an entire novel!

  2. I *love* goals. I make a bunch every year (at the new year, and throughout the year). I don’t beat myself up if I don’t get all of them accomplished. If you make a lot of resolutions and keep a few, it’s better than not making or keeping any at all! Kinda like the old saying, Aim for the sky and you’ll probably end up in a tree. Aim for the tree and you’ll probably end up in the mud. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the resolutions. Or to read the novel when it’s done!

    And, yes, Aiden is ADORABLE! 😀

  3. Welcome back!
    I’m glad you’re okay. I was about to call you. Maybe I should anyway … or maybe I’ll wait until your husband and oldest are back in school. You should be with them right now.

    Yay for goal setting! I’m trying to solidify what my goals will be for this year. I did well enough last year — I brushed my hair almost every single day! HOORAY!

  4. Good luck in the New Year! And, yeah, make sure when you’re begging for comments that you actually go around and comment on other people’s blogs, too.


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