And The Trumpet Shall Sound

Ches was presented with the opportunity to play in Handel’s Messiah this year.  It was another stake in the area (a stake is a unit in our church that is made up of around 9 wards, or congregations), and I guess they get and orchestra and some soloists together and have a sing-along every year for Christmas.

I love the Messiah.  It’s so beautiful, from the opening chords of the introduction to the Halleluia chorus to the end, final, beautiful notes.  I’m not a fan of a lot of vocal music usually, but I do like a good oratorio.  This one feels so divinely inspired and is just amazing.  Of course, Handel was amazing (I love playing Handel, myself), so if we want to put the whole mathematical equation “if a+b=c”… okay nevermind.  I’m not really a math person and I’m boring myself.

Anyway, the performance was last night, and while there were three trumpet players, Ches was the soloist for bass aria “The Trumpet Shall Sound”.  A guy that Ches plays with in another group loaned his piccolo trumpet to Ches for the occasion, so he had fun with that.  Ches was awesome!!  I smiled through the entire aria.  Puffed my chest a bit.  Gave him a bigger smile when he was done and he glanced at me in the audience.  He got lots of compliments afterwards and was even told he is the best soloist they have had.  Yay for Ches! 😀

At Ricks College the orchestra and choirs performed Messiah every year for Christmas.  They performed the entire thing.  I know many people found it boring (it’s really quite long), but I found is gorgeous.  I loved attending that.  When Ches and I went to University of Idaho, a friend of ours from Ricks transfered the same year.  She’s a viola player.  The orchestra played Messiah there, too, but Dawn whispered to me one day, “I don’t think this is the same thing.  This arrangement is so much easier, and as a violist, I’m sitting and not playing most of the time.  It wasn’t like that at Ricks.  And I don’t think we’re doing the whole thing, either.”  We giggled about how all the musicians at U of I were so snotty and thinking they were “all that” when we had done much harder stuff (and very successfully, too!) at the “lowly” junior college they all looked down upon.

I’ve never been to a Messiah sing-along before.  Ches didn’t even know that’s what it was until we got there last night.  I checked out my music, and thankfully there were some strong altos sitting in the row behind me.  That was hard stuff!!  But it was pretty exhilerating, too.  I can now say I have performed in the Messiah.  heh.

I can’t wait for next year.  I’ll have to practice. 😉


5 responses to “And The Trumpet Shall Sound

  1. I love the Messiah too! Yay for Ches – that is awesome! Our last stake played the Messiah frequently and I loved playing my horn for it. This stake does it too, but the director uses the version without horns 😦 which makes me sad. I miss playing it. I believe our stake does the whole thing – but it has been a year or two since I have been able to attend so I don’t remember.

  2. that’s awesome, I saw the Messiah when I was in High School, and I loved it, and just realized that the 5 years that I’ve known you guys…I have never heard you guys play, hopefully one day I’ll hear you two play

  3. Congratulations, Ches! If I were wearing a button down shirt–they’d be bursting.

    I used to love to go to the Messiah sing-a-long in Riverside, and yes, some of the music is dang hard! Especially for altos [well, we do usually have the most difficult parts in any piece!]

    I’ve sung the Hallellujah chorus many times, but only at those sing-a-longs did I ever hear or do the whole thing. whew!

    Again, Congratulations to Ches! [Does this mean he wants a piccolo trumpet, now?]

  4. I went to the Messiah when I was at Ricks. I really liked it, though I admit I got very distracted by the fact that I was up in the bleachers so I was getting very uncomfortable.

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