Back In the Kitchen…

Thanks, Alyson, for telling us about this.  Apron A Day is having a giveaway (ends today!!) of a really, really cute apron.  Click here for that link.  These aprons make me wish I lived in the 50’s and my name was June Cleaver or something. 🙂  And I always need to wear an apron anyway because I was blessed to get my mother’s clutzy genes.  If there is any kind of food, sauce, whatever, it always ends up on my shirt.  Always.


3 responses to “Back In the Kitchen…

  1. You are so welcome. And Zoo, I don’t know about Sariah–but for her mother, yes, buttering bread is very risky! At least on piece is going to slide,hit me [with butter side, then land on the floor, butter side down]. Our cats ALWAYS stand around me when I am in the kitchen–they KNOW something will come their way!

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