Trading Spaces

Remember when everyone who was anyone who knew anything watched “Trading Spaces”?  It was such a great show.  Cute host Paige Davis introduced us to the neighbors who were going to take over each others’ homes for a few days, fun, innovative, and sometime psychotic designers (*cough*Hildi*cough*) were in charge, they had the help of one great carpenter, and it was all with a very limited budget and in a very limited time.  What great TV.

Anybody still watch that show anymore?  Yeah, me neither.  Paige is gone.  Ty and Carter each have their own shows now.  The only designers they seem to use anymore are Frank, Dough, and Hildi.  Blah, blah, blah.  The only thing worth watching on TLC these days is “What Not to Wear” (which, by the way, I would LOVE to go on that show so anyone reading this is more than welcome to secretly videotape my horrible sense of style and send it in.  I love Stacy and Clinton and will listen to every single word they say and I won’t fight with them unless they try to take away my t-shirts with really funny sayings on them like “Anything your guard can do, mine can do better” or with cute pictures, like the one with the monster from Where The Wild Things Are).

I read online some good news about “Trading Spaces”, however.  Paige is coming back!!  They want her back!  Yay!  They are bringing back some of the old designers and they are completely revamping the show (to get the ratings back up, of course).  Anybody else as excited as I?  Seriously, I love Paige!  Did you know her real first name is actually Mindy?  But Paige seemed a better fit for the show.  Oh, and then did you know that she married a guy who’s last name is Page?  So she didn’t take his name because then she’d be Paige Page.  Ha!!  It’s all true!  And of course everyone knows that she is a successful Broadway star.  This chick is cool.  The show is going to get good again.

Too bad we’re cutting our cable to save a few bucks.


5 responses to “Trading Spaces

  1. I haven’t seen that show since we moved to Cali because we haven’t had the channel since then. But I was a big-time Trading Spaces nerd. I knew all about Paige Page (heehee) and all that. I didn’t know about all the big changes because I’ve been out of the loop for three and a half years! (yikes.)

    I’m glad it’s coming back, even if I can’t watch it. I love Trading Spaces, or as I like to call it: How to Use What you Find in IKEA.

  2. I loved trading spaces. I agree it went severely downhill when Ty and Paige left. I think part of the problem is that the designers are so intent on leaving “their mark” on a room that they started decorating rooms and I would sit there and say, “I would hate that”.
    I think they are going to have to do some re-vamping like you said and even change the premise and format a little bit. They have to compete with extreme home make over and flip that house now. On flip that house they can do a whole house in 30 minutes not just one room.
    I am curious to see the changes though.

  3. We used to watch that show all the time. It jumped the shark when they started doing spin-offs. I’m not sure about some of the changes I’m reading that the production company wants to make, like divorced couples or duelling mothers-in-law. That sounds like typical stupid-TV to me. The thing that really hooked me on the original show was that it was ordinary, everyday people.

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