Our Own Linus

linus2 I’m pretty sure I’ve told all of you this, but humor me anyway. Dallin is our own little Linus. If I wasn’t so against having my children’s first names end in an “s” sound (it blends in too well with our last name), I think we would have legally changed his name from Dallin to Linus.

By the time Dallin was a year old, he was fond of anything knit or crocheted. He would hoard the baby blankets and cuddle up with them, sucking his thumb contently. If he couldn’t find a blanket, that was okay. There were always scarves and hot pads. That’s right. He made hot pads a lovey. It was pretty funny.

Gradually, Dallin singled out a blanket. It was made for Aiden when he was born by my good friend, Camille. Cami made Dallin a blanket, too, but Dallin prefered Aiden’s. Aiden never really got attached to any kind of lovies (although he had to have half his Star Wars toys lined up on his bed before he could go to sleep at night for a while there. Thank goodness that’s over. I hated searching the house for Luke or Leia everynight.), so it didn’t bother him that Dallin took over this particular blanket.

As Dallin grew, he named his blanket a really original name: Blanket. Only when he says it, it comes out more like, “Gway-gwet”. True story! Dallin often refers to Blanket as “he”. He loves Blanket and can’t go to sleep without Blanket. He actually can’t do much of anything without Blanket. It’s tought to get Blanket away from Dallin to get clean. For a while there I was stealing Blanket after Dallin had fallen asleep, washed him, dried him, and put him back in bed with Dallin. But one night, Dallin woke up shortly after I started the washing machine. “Where Blanket go?” he asked sleepily. Dallin waited up until Blanket came out of the dryer. I think it was getting close to 2 am by that time. As soon as we pulled Blanket out, Dallin climbed in bed and fell right to sleep.

I think my son is adorable, dragging Blanket around, thumb stuck in his mouth. I know this won’t last forever, so I’m going to enjoy this now. Maybe Dallin will continue to take after Linus. I love the part in “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!” when Linus quotes the Christmas Story from the book of Luke, “And Lo,…” I would pay to see Dallin stand on a stage, holding Blanket, then use it as a shepherd’s headpiece. How cute is that?

Okay, I better go check the dryer. Dallin is quite upset that Blanket isn’t watching Cars with him. I think Blanket must be relieved. He was covered in dirt and grime, chocolate and caramel (don’t ask), leaves, weeds, and twigs. I can’t wait to pull him out of the dryer and see the joy on Dallin’s face!!


4 responses to “Our Own Linus

  1. I totally know what you are talking about! Jacob has this blanket that he is absolutely attached to. It HAS to go every where with him. His sisters had favorite blankets, but not like this. He screams at night, “BANKIE, BANKIE,” if I dear to leave it in the living room. And when it is washing time – I better get that sucker clean fast or it’s world war three. I often sing the Linus and Lucy theme when I see him running around with it.

    Oh, and have you seen that adorable laundry commerciall with the little boy and his blanket – they are playing the Linus and Lucy theme in the commercial. It cracked me up when I first saw it, because it reminded me so much of Jacob.

    (Oh, and Jacob loves watching Cars with Bankie all the time) 😉

  2. I loved this post–reminds me of a daughter of mine…oh, that was you, wasn’t it. And it was me a generation earlier. I don’t know why some kids love their blankets so much–but we do.

  3. That is so sweet. On ABQ’s suggestion I have tried to get each of my boys attached to a lovey. It didn’t work. It’s amazing how they come out with these little personalities and they are going to do what they are going to do regardless of us.

    I had a purple blanket. Actually, to be truthful, I believe I had several identical purple blankies.

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