Tonight, Tonight

Thursday nights are rehearsal nights for Ches’ marching band.  The practice from 6 to 9, and Ches is usually able to get out of there by 9:30, getting him home at 10.  Keep in mind that he leaves at 5:30 in the morning to get there by 6.  So Thursdays are long days.  Fridays are long days when he has a football game (which he does tomorrow.  It’s playoffs.).  Saturdays are long days when he has a competition (like he does this Saturday… and he’ll make it home just in time to run to a dress rehearsal for the wind ensemble he plays in).  Tuesdays are long because after school he has to wait around while the percussion and guard have rehearsal, then he rushes home to grab some food and is out the door for his regular rehearsal night for the wind ensemble.  Monday nights are family nights, and he makes it home in time for dinner then FHE.  Wednesdays usually have booster meetings or his other band (Copper Rocket) practice or something.  Thankfully he’s not a scoutmaster or young men’s leader or anything.  Wednesday nights would be lost, too.

Anyway, now you know why we hardly see Ches anymore.  However…

Tonight is the last rehearsal night for marching band!!  Yay!!!  Saturday is their last competition, so things should start to slow down now.  I’m ecstatic!  And hopefully I won’t murder the children before Saturday.  If I make it through this week, we’ll all be okay.

In other news… I started on my NaNoWriMo book.  I have names for my characters and everything.  And I just decorated my notebook to make it my special NaNoWriMo notebook.  I’m a dork, I know.  Unfortunately, I can’t find my special writing pen, so I’ve had to start with just a regular pen.  Hopefully I can pick up a good writing pen soon.  It’s been just too long.  I have certain pens that I like, but since I rarely have to write anything, my pens have disappeared.  Oh well.

And now, back to babysitting, cleaning, playing Scrabbulous, and writing my novel.  Wo-hooo!!


3 responses to “Tonight, Tonight

  1. That sucks that Ches is gone alot, I know how you feel though, in the summer I never see Vince, but I’m glad it’s just about over for you. I think it’s awesome that your writing a novel, I can’t wait to read it, good luck with it!! 🙂

  2. I read this yesterday but every time I try to comment something more pressing needs my attention.

    In lieu of being able to comment yesterday, I sang “Tonight, Tonight” to myself. Maybe it didn’t help you at all, but I really like the song!

    Sorry you’re a single mother, that’s tough. But if anyone can do it, you can!

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