Elizabeth Bennet

Thanks, Alyson! This was fun.
I am Elizabeth Bennet!Take the Quiz here!


6 responses to “Elizabeth Bennet

  1. Who were you hoping to be?

    I didn’t have anyone in mind. Just someone… different than Elizabeth Bennet. But I like her, so it’s okay. I just wanted to be a different character than what was already used. Or something. I have a feeling this is all coming out wrong and either my foot is in my mouth or it’s really close to.

  2. Me? I wasn’t hoping for anything, I just found it unusual that the three of us all came up with the same character.

    (but when I think about it, maybe not so odd. Maybe that’s why we’re friends?)

  3. HA! I find it funny that I came out as Elinor Dashwood when my little sister is Marianne Dashwood.

    I would have preferred Lizzy Bennet, mainly because that’s my favorite Jane Austen book and I read it every year.

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