Monday Night Madness

Last night was our ward Halloween party.  In church a few weeks ago everyone was handed a letter saying they were accepted to the Hogwarts School Halloween Celebration.  I helped the activities chair come up with a lot of ideas for the party (she loves Harry Potter, but doesn’t know Harry Potter), and I helped her plan the “big surprise”.  No one in the entire ward knew what the surprise was, except for us.

The guests arrived to find “house” tables set up and a “head table” (the entire activites committee were supposed to dress up as certain Hogwarts faculty members, but they ended up mostly just dressing up as wizards and witches).  One table even had the Whomping Willow!  Very cool!.  There were games set up at the sides, and on the stage was…

A band!  The band Ches plays in was the big secret.  The band’s name is Copper Rocket, and the entire band dressed up, too.  We had 2 Professors Snape (Ches was one… he looked HOT by the way!! wink wink), Tonks (She was so awesome!), Lupin, a Beatle, and some guys just dressed funny for Halloween.  They played about an hour’s worth of music, and they.  Were.  Awesome.  The entire ward loved them.  The singles ward was having an activity last night, too, and some people would pop their heads in to hear the band.  So many people danced, it was just great.  I couldn’t be more proud.

There was trick-or-treating, and my kids LOVED that the best, I think.  Aiden was Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi (he was very specific about this), Dallin was Batman, Parker was a frog (so cute!), and I was Professor Trelawny.  I think I looked pretty awesome.  Ches liked my costume.  However, not enough people are that familiar with the books or the movie, and I think most people thought I was just some kind of gypsy fortune-teller.  Oh, well.  I was pleased with my look.  My favorite thing was when a kid who was dressed as Harry Potter walked by I would start saying things like, “Oh, dear boy!  The seeing eye knows!  The GRIM!!!!  THE GRIM!!!!  Death is in your future!!!”  The people who knew who I was found it extremely funny, anyway.

It was crazy getting everyone ready for the party, and it was crazy trying to keep up with everyone.  At one point I figured if my kids weren’t on the stage with the band, then it’s all good.  I never got a chance to sit down and eat dinner (someone stole our seats!!  Even though I had all of our stuff right there on the table, designating those spots were taken), and because I was holding Parker all night I didn’t get any pictures.  Not one.  I’m pretty upset because I wanted some pictures of Ches in the band (which they introduced themselves not as Copper Rocket, but as “Copper Rocket, or better known as Brother Chocolate Phoenix’s Band”.  They called themselves “Brother Chocolate Phoenix’s Band” all night.  They were funny.) and because we all looked so cool.  Oh, well.  Perhaps I’ll still actually dress up on Halloween night. 🙂

All in all, it was a fun night.  The kids stayed up way too late and ate too much candy (including stealing their bags and eating candy for breakfast before I woke up!), so it must have been a success, right?


5 responses to “Monday Night Madness

  1. That sounds awesome Sariah! Wow, you guys went all out – I would have loved to see that. I wish I could have been there to take pics for you – or take Parker so that you could have taken some pics. Maybe you can get some pics from others who were there?

    Glad you had a great time and it went well. 🙂

  2. That sounds absolutely awesome! I have never been to a ward party like that (and I know for sure that one like that will never happen here… but that’s okay.)

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