Walking, Concert, Migraines

1.  Today was some big “walk to school” day.  So I made sure we got up early enough and I pulled out the monster of a double stroller we have, and out the door we went.  We walked Aiden to school today, and it felt really good to be out walking!!  At school they gave every kid (and whoever was with them) that walked to school a small orange juice, a donut, and a cool pencil sharpener.  I want to make it an everyday thing, this walking to and from school, but it’s still pretty hot out.  I got home and couldn’t wait to hop in the shower.

2.  Ches’ first concert of the season was last night.  It wasn’t bad!  Ches made it out to be like it was going to be a miracle or epic proportions for it to come together.  There were some really good things happening last night, and I was happy.  He seemed pretty content with most of it, too, so that’s good.  At the end of the concert, the band council presented Ches with some flowers and said they appreciate all the hard work he has done and that they think he’s doing a great job.  With that said, the band students jumped to their feet, applauding and yelling.  I saw some parents do the same, and that made me really happy.  There are tons of problems there, but they are starting to appreciate him.  yay!

3.  For some reason I have been getting a lot of headaches lately.  Huge migraine headaches.  At least once every day.  So I am thankful for a husband who is more than willing to pick up the slack when I’m in bed, in the dark, groaning out of misery and pain.  I am thankful for ibuprofren, even though it doesn’t work half as well on me as it does on other people, at least it helps so I can function.  Migraines suck, but I have a couple of helpers, and I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know!

Happy Wednesday!!

9 responses to “Walking, Concert, Migraines

  1. I got your back on the migraine front…my big ole 6 weeks o’ sick/funfun migraine was caused by strep. Have you been having any symptoms of flu? I wish I could do something to help!!! HUGZ.


  2. Another thing to check is blood pressure. I get migraine-like headaches when my blood pressure goes too high. Started at least back in IN days–not really diagnosed til NM, not treated properly til last yr in VA when my family EMT discovered how high it really was!

    At least you’ve had the MRI, so we know it is not my prblem in waiting 🙂 Especiaslly check on the strep…we know you:( Thanks Kris for your suggestion.

  3. Walk to school day sounds great! I LOVE walking, it makes me feel so good (also gets me really hot and sweaty.) I can’t wait until I get my double jogger and can start my big walks again.

    Hooray on the concert, too! That’s so wonderful that they really appreciate him.

    Soooo sorry about the migranes. I wish I could help. Some people say that caffeine can be a trigger but I’ve found that occaisionally I can stave off a big attack with a little bit of caffeine at the onset. Yep, that’s my best suggestion: eat more chocolate. 😉

  4. I had migraines all through highschool, college, mission, and my first pregnancy – after Elizabeth was born I discovered what triggered them. Now I only get them in high stress situations and pregnancy. So nice not to live life under the cloud of a constant headache. 🙂 It’s great that you can be thankful for the good things inspite of the headache though. 🙂

    Yay on the concert – that is awesome.

    And, yay for walk to school day – though my poor kids do that almost every day. 🙂

    by the way, I posted a really funny mom song on my blog today and I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

  5. I’ve had migraines for almost 20 years now. My doctors put in on a medication that helps. If you are interested in that route it is called Topamax. I haven’t had a migraine in months! Hope you get to feeling better. Congrats on everyone loving your husband

  6. Walking to school?! Yay for you! I used to do that, when we lived less than 20 miles for the school. I always came home feeling like I had done something really good! I don’t get that feeling so much anymore?!

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY for Ches! That is so great! I’m so proud of him. Of course I would rather that it be in Preston, but….;)

    I’m sorry about your migraines. HOpefully talking to me helps! 😀

  7. First: Laural I hope you meant 20 minutes NOT 20 miles from the school. If you’re walking 40 miles roundtrip to/from the school twice a day I’m giving you huge kudos! 😉

    Sariah: Congrats on the walking to school outing, The weather is starting to cool and I’m sure you’ll start to enjoy the walk more and more.

    Yay for Ches’ first concert. Sounds like it went really well and it’s always good to feel appreciated.

    Sorry to hear you’re having migraines but happy to hear that Ches is such a good help, hope you start feeling better soon.

  8. Hurray on walking to school! How far away is the school? I *love* it that they’ve got lots of walking trails here in TN. Walking is one of my favorite things 🙂

    Hurray for Ches’s concert going well!!! Yay!!!

    Sorry to hear about the migraines. I’ve only ever had one migraine before and it was horrible! I hope you can find the trigger and get the headaches to go away!

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