A Cool 97, Sweaters, My Civic Duty

It’s time to share my 3 Beautiful Things for this week:

1.  The weather has finally cooled down considerably.  Granted, today’s high was still 97, but when we woke up this morning it was quite cool.  It’s bearable enough that I can have the kids go outside and play before their morning snack.  I like waking up to cooler weather.  We could turn off the air conditioning at night and open all the windows… but we took all the screens off in preparation of painting the house.  So, we keep the air on right now.

2.  I mentioned that it’s a little cool today, and Aiden asked to wear his new sweater his Aunt Rachel got him.  It’s a dark, navy blue and very, very soft and fuzzy.  The label says The Gap, although I know Aunt Rachel is a smart shopper and didn’t get it at The Gap (I love The Gap.  But their prices are absolutely ridiculous).  I let Aiden wear the sweater with strict instructions that as soon as he was hot he could take it off but he HAD to put it in his backpack because I don’t have his name in it or anything.  He complied, and may I say my little boy looked SO handsome in his sweater with the red collar of his shirt poking out.  I love sweaters.  I love long sleeves.  I can’t wait for it to get cool enough for me to wear long sleeves and sweaters more often.  Yes, I know.  I live in Phoenix.  Please don’t ask me why I live here when I so clearly enjoy a little bit cooler air, fall colors, sweaters, lots of rain, the mountains, green grass, and plenty of diciduous trees (with a few conifers thrown in for looks).  I still love this valley.  I really, really do!

3.  About a month ago I was summoned for jury duty, the date of which is tomorrow.  I know that most people groan at the thought, but this was to be my first time and I was excited to do my Civic Duty.  I arranged for a sitter and for someone to both take Aiden to school and to pick him up.  I have picked out what I was going to wear and what book I was going to take in case I had to sit there  with nothing to do for a while.  I just called the “Juror Hotline” for whatever instructions and reporting times I would need, but the message on the hotline said everyone scheduled for today, tomorrow, and Friday have been dismissed.  The message then thanked me for my participation.  I’m sad to not have jury duty, but I’m so thankful for the ease in which I was able to find people to help me out for one day of jury duty.  And now I don’t have to do my own babysitting tomorrow, so I can concentrate more on getting my house completely clean for Aiden’s party on Saturday.  It works out pretty well, I’d say.

6 responses to “A Cool 97, Sweaters, My Civic Duty

  1. Good deal–you can have some time to yourself–play whatever music you like as you clean house…me too, on Thurs. At least I have the morning. 🙂 [Italiam music, here I come!]

  2. When we were riding in the bus from the airport to the car rental place when we came out to PHX back in May I spent most of the time saying, “Wow! It’s so dead here! The only plants are cactus’s! I don’t remember Phoenix being THIS brown!!!!” It was SOOOO weird to be able to see all the way to the horizon in PHX. You can’t see very far here because the trees are so tall and dense. I use to love the desert, but I don’t think I could ever go back!

    I’ve always wanted to do jury duty too!!! I don’t know why people hate it. I think it would be really neat! Bummer on missing out on your trial of the century! 🙂

  3. Cool 97?! You are so crazy!!! 😉
    Jury duty scares me, but maybe that’s because my only time having to do anything with court was having to testify in a sexual abuse case, and I hated it!
    I love sweater too! I love living in Idaho! 😀

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