La La La La La La Laaaaaa

I love the weekend.  Ches is at home.  I get to sleep in.  The kids aren’t being rushed to get Aiden to school.  We all stay in our pajamas as long as possible.  We get to run errands as a family.  We get to attend church and worship as a family (even if it turns into more of a “keep the kids quiet during Sacrament Meeting” than a worship!!).  Weekends are pretty great.

Aiden decided to sing in church yesterday.  I pointed to the words as we sang the hymns, and he followed along, singing loudly.  It was wonderful.  No, he can’t read music and he didn’t really know the tunes, but he made an effort.  My favorite part was that he decided we were singing to slowly or something because he was singing ahead.  With enthusiasim.  During the closing hymn, he didn’t want to sing what we were singing.  He wanted the song on the opposite page.  So that is what he sang.  Ches and I had a hard time singing as we were laughing so hard.

Dallin was singing quit well, too.  Only he didn’t attempt any if the hymns.  He didn’t even attempt any Primary songs.  Dallin sang “What are You Gonna Be For Halloween” from Bear in the Big Blue House.  He even had a little bit of a dance.  It reminded me of a story Tim once told us about Tweedle D.  They were in church and Tim said, “Okay, Tweedle D, it’s time to sing a song” as he reached for them hymnbook.  Tweedle D took that as a cue to sing “Hakuna Matata” at the top of his lungs.  Hey, Tim never said what song they were going to sing!

I don’t know how parents are expected to teach their children reverence when our adorable children make us laugh so much.

Dallin has been learning a lot of great songs in his Nursery class.  His current favorite is Book of Mormon Stories.  He does all the actions, too!  We were singing it together one day before Family Home Evening as we waited for Aiden to finish up in the bathroom.  As we sang the last line, “Givin’ this land/ if they lived/ righteously”, Aiden yelled out, “Did you just sing ‘right, Chesley’?”  We laughed and said no, but Ches said, “That’s how we sang it when I was a kid!”  So now Aiden sings, “right, Chesley” everytime.  And then he’s consumed with giggles.

Parker got a t-shirt from my mom for his birthday that says “I’m with the band.”  So cute.  It has a drumset on it.  Totally appropriate for our family, don’t’cha think??


5 responses to “La La La La La La Laaaaaa

  1. All the song related stories are very cute. Fits perfectly with your family. We had our primary program yesterday, I wish Will would have sung. :-S

    Love the t-shirt for Parker. So cute! Ragan got a t-shirt for next summer that says “I’m OH so talented!”

  2. awesome, Parker is the drummer. I think he’s my favourite.

    I’m with you on the reverence thing — it’s so hard! In the same light, it’s equally difficult to stiffle giggles in the middle of an especially cute toddler prayer.

    (and, again, hooray for drummers.)

  3. That is so funny! Jaedin sang in the primary program on Sunday and I had told him to sing loud enough for me to hear him. He was YELLING the lyrics and I was nearly dying of laughter he was so cute!

  4. Shall I tell the song story on Vinnie? Little kids are the cutest–especially singing. I used to hold the hymbook at Mass with my first graders when I taught in Catholic school. Now I do the same wirh the kindergardener in the family we sit with. She listens through the first verse, and does an amazingly good job of matching the words and the tune on subsequent verses. [But she got very frustrated with her visiting non-member cousin a couple weeks ago for not singing with us!.]

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