A Guide on How to Give Whiplash to Complete Strangers While Shopping

I did the funniest thing Friday!  I was babysitting two little boys, Carter (4 yrs) and Gage (18 months).  We went to pick Aiden up from school (which makes for one full minivan), and I didn’t have any other time to go but then, so I took all five kids to Sam’s Club to buy snacks for Aiden’s kindergarten class.

That’s right.  I said I took all five kids.

Sam’s Club has those freakin’ huge carts that has seats for two kids in the front, but still looks like a regular grocery cart.  I put Parker and Gage in there.  Dallin went in the basket.  I let Aiden and Carter walk under very strict instructions that they were to stay by the cart at all times and if they wandered off or started running and grabbing random things, they would be put in the cart, too.  Dallin didn’t like being in the cart with Aiden and Carter out, and he kept begging to walk, so I agreed to try it.  The boys were doing pretty great for a while.  They mostly stayed right near me and there wasn’t a lot of begging for things other than what we were there for.

The funny part was from the moment I walked into the store until the moment I loaded the boys back in my van, I got the best looks from people.  It was hilarious!  I’ve never seen so many bugged out eyes, slack jaws, and complete astonishment on faces.  Most people talked to the boys and the food sample ladies gave us tons of samples.  I heard a lot of, “Wow!  And they’re all boys!!” as well as , “Are they all yours????”  Once I reassured them that they were not all mine, (“Only three of them,” was my reply) you could just see the relief pass over their faces.  Some people wouldn’t talk to me.  They quickly looked in the other direction, as if I might rub off on them and they will suddenly have a cart full of kids under the age of 5.  I even heard one lady say to her companions, “Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Did you see that??”

I thought it would make me feel like I was a sideshow circus freak, but instead I felt giddy.  It was really a good time to get such a reaction out of everyone.  Really, most people were extra friendly and helpful.  No one was rude.  It was just funny all around!


10 responses to “A Guide on How to Give Whiplash to Complete Strangers While Shopping

  1. And then there is me who goes to the store with four kids (yes, for the two hundreth and 76th time they are all mine) and obviously #5 on the way and I really do get the looks of “don’t you know what birth control is” and many, many raised eyebrows. Sometimes I just want to hide, but then I remember that I love my life – and who cares how many people think I must be completely crazy – after all – I AM! 🙂 Hee hee 🙂

  2. Now you know how it was for me with 6 kids age 6 & down, and pg with Lura! Everyone in Newberg knew me by sight! But I must admit that I generally did my shopping late at night when your Dad was home. Besides we had only one car [albeit a van] so I walked everywhere around town. You are right about the whiplash. At least I had half & haf, not all boys. That must really get to people! My friend Gretchen has 4 little boys now–and they all look alike [except for size]

  3. Tell me about it Sariah. I go thru this every single day. Although the boys are older now.. I still get the looks and questions you got today. When my oldest was 5 and I had 4 younger ones even still, people must have thought I was insane.. In fact I think I was/am. LOL!

    Glad you were brave enough to try shopping with all 5 though.

  4. I get those looks when I take my two kids, my 2 neices and 2 nephews out. My two are 8 and 9, my neices are both 12, and the nephews are 6 and 13. That is six kids total. I am 28 so the looks get pretty funny when the see the 13 year old. We go places together all the time without there mom. Though I have never been asked if the are all mine. Can’t wait to answer that one.

  5. This post was so funny!!! I read it a week ago and forgot to comment!

    The girl I nanny is the same height and has about the same hair color as Jaedin (but their weight and faces aren’t similar at all, I think the hair color is probably the only thing people look at anyway!) so when we got out I always get asked if they are twins.

    My mom had 5 kids ages 4 and under with NO twins. Me and my bro are 9 months apart. She WAS crazy 😉

  6. How funny! I loved this post, it totally made me smile. I was confused by the title until I started reading, I thought you had hit someone with your car and gave them whiplash. 😉 Glad it was just the easy whiplash. I can just imagine all those people looking and staring, especially with it being all boys.

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