Parker’s First Birthday

Saturday was Parker’s 1st birthday.  Wow!  The past year has really sped by!  It’s almost as if his birthday snuck up on us, jumped out, and yelled, “Surprise!!”, scaring us half to death in the process.  We weren’t totally ready , but it turned out to be a really good birthday, I think.

Ches had school/band director stuff most of the day, so I got busy running a few errands and making the cake.  Dallin and Parker got haircuts.  It was Parker’s first.  His hair was getting pretty scraggly and he had a nice ducktail in the back.  Since I’m not actually a fan of the ducktail, it had to go.  No clippers were used, and the girl basically just trimmed it up a bit, but he looks so good!  At church on Sunday a couple of women even commented that he suddenly looks older. 🙂  Anyway, Parker handled his first cut really well.  He was a little fussy because we had to wake him up, but he sat pretty still and I think he was just wondering what the heck was going on.

For dinner we traditionally have whatever the special person requests.  Since Parker is still too young to actually make requests, we had spaghetti.  He loves spaghetti!!  Of course, what baby doesn’t?  After we cleaned up from dinner,  the family adjourned to the living room for presents.  Since it was only the five of us, Parker only got four presents, but it’s not like he actually needs more!  He loves what he has.  We gave him a bead roller coaster, a lamp for his room, a set of 5 cars, and a road mat to drive his cars on.  He’s very happy with his new stuff, especially the cars.  All three of the boys have loved cars from the start, but Parker has been actually driving the cars around from a very young age.  At 6 months he would spend 20 minutes driving a car up and down my leg!  What a nut.  We knew cars would be the perfect present for him.
Vroom Vroom!

After presents was cake time.  I had baked and decorated the cake all by myself.  I’m quite proud of it.  It turned out really well, too.  I was going to do something completely different, but in the end I didn’t like it, so I switched gears and made a puppy cake.  Now tell me you don’t think I’m the best mommy ever!!  Heh.  For one day, I am. 🙂
Puppy Cake

After cake and ice cream, it was bath time. Overall, it was a really happy and successfull day. Happy birthday, Parker! You’re turning into such a big boy. We all love you to pieces.

P.S. If you want to see more photos, go to Flickr. I uploaded something like 32 pictures, but only a very few are made public. Again, if I don’t have you on Flickr, email me and I’ll invite you so you can see all the “private” photos.


7 responses to “Parker’s First Birthday

  1. He does look older!! Happy birthday to Parker! [I know, I didn’t call–but I didn’t think he would notice…box coming soon!Before Aiden’s birthday at least!]

    You obviously don’t get your cake decorating talents from me–aren’t you glad! You always come up with such cute ones–and totally appropriate. [And nothing and no one going downhill! ;D ]

  2. You ARE the best mommy ever!!! Chloe only got cup cakes for her birthday…but that’s what she picked out, maybe for her 3rd birthday when she has a birthday party with her friends I’ll make a cute cake 🙂

  3. Such a cute cake! Good job!

    I can’t believe it was a year ago already! I was still pregnant at this point, felling envious and put upon that you had had your baby and I hadn’t! 🙂 He is such a handsome boy!

    Happy 1st Parker!

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