My Evening Plans

Last night was the airing of DCI finals on ESPN 2.  I was pretty excited, even though ESPN has a bad habit of only showing a few parts of the show.  All of us huge DCI fans want to see the entire show!  Not two or three minutes!  It’s like them saying “Here’s the Superbowl.  We’ll show you the coin toss, some of the touchdowns, and the last play as the clock runs out.”  Think football fans would go for that?   Nah.  Me neither.

So, as I was saying, I was pretty excited to see at least what was going to be shown, when Aiden gave a startling announcement:  “I put a rock in my ear.”

At first I thought he was talking about the last time he did that, but no!  After much prodding it turns out he did this later (when we don’t know because he kept saying it was a long, long time ago).  He insisted it was “waaaaay down deep” in his ear.  I was afraid he was just making up a story, but he insisted he was telling to truth.  Ches got out a flashlight, but couldn’t see anything.  “Of course not!” I said.  “He said it’s way down deep.”  I was worried, so off to the ER we went.

There is a nice children’s ER here.  You go in the same entrance as the regular ER, but then there is a children’s waiting area and special nurses and doctors for kids.  It’s painted with bright colors, has kids furniture, lots of books and toys, and is really friendly.  They work hard to make kids  comfortable, so it turned out to be a really good experience for Aiden.  That and everyone kept telling him how smart he is because when they would ask him what ear he put the rock in, he’d say, “This one.  My left ear.”

The doctor looked in Aiden’s ear and said there isn’t even any wax in there, so he got a good view.  There was no rock.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Just a normal ear.  The doctor looked in the other ear.  Same thing.  They said the rock must have falled out while he slept or something.

Boy, oh boy.  I can’t wait for the ER bill.  I wonder how much they will charge us for the doctor looking in a perfectly normal ear.  This will be fun.

Oh yeah.  We got home from the ER in time for me to watch the last two corps perform.  At least I got to see my favorite corps, the Blue Devils of Concord, CA.  They won, by the way.


5 responses to “My Evening Plans

  1. You don’t have a flat copay for visits? I am so sorry you had to miss your show for *nothing* and even more sorry that you have to pay for it.

    The last time we were at the ER for Little Red and the doctor said he couldn’t do anything we hadn’t already done I said, “do I still have to pay the copay?” I did. boo.

  2. Well, it still reminds me of a call I got from my son’s school back in May that he had put an apple seed in his ear. Our provincial govt. is supposed to have this nice medical help line that’s private and anonymous so I decided to try it. Well, they ask for your name and phone number so they can call you back (so much for privacy — they make you volunteer the information so you can’t legally complain). Then the guy on the phone tells me he can’t tell me anything unless I have the person in front of me. All I wanted was general advice on what to do if a kid puts an apple seed in his ear!! Ah well. At least it didn’t cost me anything. Except my privacy.

    Sorry to hijack your blog with a rant of my own.

    (Oh, and the apple seed fell out by itself about 10 minutes after the school called me.)

  3. I *really* hope Jaedin doesn’t figure out that things can be stuffed into ears.

    And I really, really, really hope that Aiden doesn’t teach Dallin and Parker his magical rock ear trick! Good luck!!!

  4. 1. I TOLD you to please let me know when that was on this year…so here is my public request: Because I live under a rock [not in Aiden’s ear hee, hee] I would appreciate if you would let me know when the DCI competitions are shown on national TV.

    2. At the Pharmacy you can purchase your very own otoscope–and check Aiden’s ears yourself. Remember, I have one…and it makes cleaning ears of children much easier as well. And, if you have a Dr in your ward or something, you can ask for a quick look when you have your own with you. 🙂

    3. Aiden, Please stop putting things into your ear. You could have BIG problems from that. And it is not fair to your Mom and Dad to have to worry about you doing that–you know better!

  5. Wow. You’d think he’d have learned after the first time at school.

    We have many dr’s in our ward, I’d turn to them in such a situation, hopefully there is someone close by you can ask in the future.

    So sorry about the ER bill that will be coming though!

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