Unexpected Hugs, Autumn, New Programming

In spite of our trials, there are still things to be happy about, still things I find beautiful.

1.  As I’m helping Aiden get dressed, he suddenly throws his arms around my neck, squeezes tightly, and says, “I love you, Mom.”

2.  Fall is coming!!  I was in Wal-Mart this morning and they have all the Halloween candy out.  Which means they had Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in fall colors.  The song of the month on Noggin is “I’m Falling for Fall”.  It may be stinkin’ hot here in the valley of the sun, but just the idea of cooler weather, leaves changing colors, Friday night football games, browns and oranges and golds and reds, and favorite sweaters make me excited.  Especially since I know the Mom and Erica will enjoy beautiful falls where they live!!  I shall live vicariously through you two.

3.  They brought the Koala Brothers back to Playhouse Disney!It’s such a cute show, and I love the Australian accents.  Oh, and Stanley is still on, although at something like 6 am, so I don’t know how often we’ll actually be watching Stanley.  Too bad, since I LOVE that show.  Aiden used to watch it religiously.  I’m happy Disney brought back these two shows.  Now, if only they’d get rid of the annoying ones, like The Doodlebops.  That’s some crazy stuff!  I also wish they would bring back Bear in the Big Blue House.  We love Bear.  You can’t help but be happy when watching Bear.  I think I’ll go turn on one of our Bear DVDs now. 🙂

5 responses to “Unexpected Hugs, Autumn, New Programming

  1. I’m proud of you to be able to look to the good things. Do you have a DVR? You can record Stanley! I really liked Koala Brothers and Big Bear too. Doodlebops and The Wiggles can go. Please.

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