When It Rains, It Pours

I swear, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!  I got some of my medical bills paid off and I thought things would start to look up.  Ches has paychecks again, so that’s good.  Before he gets his second paycheck, however, we got a flat tire on the van.  Not just any flat tire, either.  It completely shredded.  Well, we needed new tires anyway, we were just hoping to get a couple of other things paid for first.  Oh well.  So… four new tires for the van.  Check.

A few days later, my tooth broke.  It’s really wierd.  Part of it just broke off.  One of my molars.  I don’t have dental insurance (but I do have some kind of “dental discount plan” under my health insurance), so this might be a little difficult to get fixed.  We don’t want to wait too long, so we have to juggle some things around and pay for that.  New tooth.  Check.

Friday, as I was heading out the door to the football game at Ches’ school, one of the doctor’s offices called and said they needed to check my numbers again because the card didn’t go through for the payment.  I thought, “That’s wierd that it didn’t go through.  I had that approved with the bank.  Hmmmm.”  I was in a hurry because I had to pick up some dinner for Ches and I wanted to get a giant birthday cake for him to share with the band kids (I ran out of time, however.  He just got dinner), so I checked the numbers with the billing lady, then went out the door.  As I was driving, I realized that they should have taken that payment out a couple of weeks ago, and we had money set aside specifically for that payment, and I know we were down to zero dollars in our account on Wednesday (Ches got paid on Thursday), so where did that money go that we had set aside for this payment???  After the game, Ches went online to check our account.  The doctor’s office had already taken the payment out… a couple of weeks ago.  Then they did it again Friday night.  We were now overdrawn by $400!!  So much for birthday presents and our weekend home improvement projects we had planned.  I can’t even go to the store to buy conditioner (I’m totally out and my head hurts from combing my hair without conditioner!!).  Of course this has to happen on a long weekend.  Ches left a message at the doctor’s office saying that we expect that money refunded first thing Tuesday morning and we expect the $29 overdraft fee our bank charged us for their mistake. 

Here it is Monday, and it looks like Parker has thrush and Dallin has a fever.  It’s a holiday, so I can’t call a doctor’s office to get any appointments made.  At least Aiden’s not sick too… yet.

I know that we are given trials to make us stronger.  Sometimes I just want to say “Heavenly Father, don’t you think we’re strong enough yet???  I’m pretty comfortable in my strength.  I’m good, thanks!”  Too bad we don’t get the choice, huh?  So I’m wading through, trying to stay faithful and keep positive.  And when I’m not feeling positive, I’ll rant on my blog.


8 responses to “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Yep, i think you need to catch a break. Would you like some shreddies, smarties etc.? Or maybe a good vampire book. That won’t bother you tooth or your waistline just in case you were watching yours.

  2. I was just asking ABQ last night if you were okay because you hadn’t seemed yourself and I haven’t been around much to call you or email you to check in myself. (And I’m really sorry.)

    I know just how you feel! Every time we think we might be getting our feed underneath us something else happens. No more, please!

    Sending hugs.

    Oh, and we know all about emergency dental visits. I am really really sorry for both you and your budget.

    hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs

  3. UG! (that’s my favorite response to all unfavorable things!) Just when you think things are looking up…I’m SO SO sorry! I can totally empathize with, as you well know!

    You can take a smidgeon of comfort in the fact that a lot of us are, or have, gone through the same stuff! You’re not alone!

    Love ya tons! 🙂

  4. Oh Sariah, I’m so sorry so much has happened in such a short amount of time. I’m sure you’ll catch a break and you’ll have a nice patch here soon! At least I’m hoping and praying you will.

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