That’s Lookin’ Familiar…

Hey everyone!  Check out the left side bar of Cool Mom Picks.  See anything interesting???? 😉


7 responses to “That’s Lookin’ Familiar…

  1. Something tells me that I am blind… I don’t see what you are trying to get me to see… help 😉

    Look on the left side bar, under “Ask Cool Moms”. Read. You shall see. 🙂

  2. Hey how cool are you! You got your question published and answered by professionals. Those sound like really cool gift ideas, I’ll have to keep those in mind for my second girl. 😉

  3. that’s awesome! I had to cheat and look at the comments to figure it out, I couldn’t find anything. those are some cute ideas though!!

  4. Nifty to get your question published and answered. Now, if this absent-minded Grandma [old lady] would just get on the stick here–I’ve missed all the b’days this week so far. And I have a box of birthday cards! Guess I need a box of belated birthday cards!

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