Have You Ever…

…Hit the “next blog” button?  You get to see all sorts of random blogs.  I’ve been doing it quite a bit lately and come across some really interesting stuff.  I’m amazed at how many blogs are in languages that I don’t know, and in how many languages blogs come in.  I also found it surprising how many “Christian blogs” there are out there.  Of pastors or just strong believers who want to share their message.  If you have some time, use the button.  It’s interesting.

…Been confronted with a potential friendship that you don’t actually want?   There is a girl who is really, really wierd.  And not wierd in a good way.  She is just bizarre.  She used to be in our ward, but is now in another ward.  She likes to come “visit” our ward a lot.  Then she just invites herself over to people’s houses.  She showed up on Christmas Day to this other family’s house!  It’s odd.  I find myself avoiding her because I just don’t want to deal with her.  I feel bad, like I’m not being a “good Christian”, or a friendly and accepting person.  But she just has so much baggage and I don’t want to have that extra stress in my life!  So I have excuses for why we can’t go swimming at her condo, or I have to go to the mother’s room to feed the baby when I see her in the hallway, or I just walk in another direction.  All the while, I feel guilty.

…Refused to answer the phone for an entire day because you just didn’t feel like talking to people, then when the phone doesn’t ring the next day (all day!) you wonder why no one likes you and wants to call you?  Maybe it’s just me.

…Had such realistic dreams at night that you wake up confused between the dream and reality?  In high school once I dreamt I was hanging out with my friends and decided to join them in smoking.  It was so real, so vivid, that I could clearly smell the cigarette smoke.  I could taste it in my mouth, and I remember coughing.  I woke up with this horrible taste in my mouth, and I was so confused that I almost called my bishop to go confess and repent!!  Since I’ve been married, I’ve had dreams where my husband left me, or he did something terrible and I’ve had to leave him.  The other night I actually had one where I had to wait for him to go to work and take the kids and leave.  In the dream, we were staying at a friend of a friend’s, my mom was there (and very negative about Ches), and then Parker started walking.  I insisted that I had to call Ches and tell him because even though we were having problems, he still needed to know about this milestone.  I woke up feeling the pain of a failed marriage and wondering why in the world I would dream that.  Sometimes these vivid dreams are really funny, othertimes not so much.

…Eaten an entire batch of brownies in one evening?  On Sunday a teenager in our ward brought over a plate of brownies for me because I had picked her and her two younger siblings up as they were walking home from school a few days earlier.  Now, it’s been extremely hot, and this family lives right around the corner from us, so they are quite literally on the way.  It’s so not a big deal. I have the extra room for three more people, so why not?  She was so grateful she made me brownies.  Of course I shared them with my family!!  But I still ate the majority.  And they were gone by bedtime.

…Actually counted how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  My brother and sister and I did on a long car ride once.  It was in the hundreds, I remember that.  I also remember that it made our tongues tired because when you are eating a Tootsie Pop, you aren’t actually licking it the entire time, you know?  You stick it in your mouth and suck on it a lot more than you lick it.  And then we were posed with the question of whether the lick had to consist of the entire circumfrence of the Tootsie Pop or of just one side of the Tootsie Pop.  So I think that the commercial actually had it right when they said, “The world may never know.”


9 responses to “Have You Ever…

  1. As I recall, it was approximatly 375 licks. And that was if you just licked in one area of the tootsie pop. And yes, I know I’m a freak for remembering that.

  2. I have had some totally vivid dreams that I remember to this day from when I was really little. And yes I still have them now…one was that Me and Vince were laying on our bed watching tv while Chloe was playing on the floor in our room, she ran over to the light socket and tried to stick her finger in it…and I jumped toward her yelling NO NO Chloe NO STOP!!! and I woke up trying to jump over Vince toward the light socket she was at…my heart was pounding so hard, poor Vince didn’t even know what was going on and I still thought that she was over there…Crazy!

  3. I love that “Next Blog” button. I’ve found some of my favorite blogs that way. Keep using it every once in a while!! It can be fun and entertaining.

    The tootsie roll thing I remember doing it and I thought it was in the thousand somewhere. I may be nuts or something but oh well.

    The dream thing is slightly scary for me. I have them but not that vivid. Mine that are vivid come true within two or three years. Now that is the creapy part.

  4. Yes (but I only found crap so I stopped)
    Yes (and sometimes ended up being friends and pleasantly surprised — but I’m with you and would probably still be avoiding that one)
    Yes I’m of the opinion that I should not have to drop what I’m doing to answer the phone. (But unlike you I hate the phone and am happy when we’re gone for a week and come home to NO MESSAGES. I’m such a hermit.)
    No Comment

  5. 1. No
    2. Yes, and I still feel guilty about a couple of girls back in college who were my friends–but I tried to avoid them as much as possible because I just didn’t like their brand of weirdness.
    3. Not answering the phone makes me crazy–especially because I am the only person in this household who regularly answers–everyone else will just let it ring, or take so long to check the ID–and think about it! So I just answer as fast as I can. It is easier on me that way. But I don’t always hear it.
    4. I wake up confused as to when or even where I am, but I usually reorient after a few minutes. I don’t have vivid dreams as you describe–those are just creepy! But you always have had nightmare–I haven’t.
    5. The brownies, I plead the fifth. Actually I just don’t remember doing that with brownies, but we all know it is very much within the realm of reality. {Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know I’m not supposed to have all that sugar–but they can be made with Splenda!
    6. I remember you guys trying with the tootsie pops–I never had the patience myself–I want to get to the chocolate center [see brownies above!] As I recall, you never got the same answer twice–sorry Lura, but that’s what I remember.

  6. 1. Yes, but I never really found anything good. I found you by doing a random blog search forever ago 🙂

    2. Yes. I VT a girl and she says that I’m her only friend in the ward and she literally drives me nuts. I feel bad about how much she annoys me cuz she thinks that we’re best friends. Wow, I could go on for an hour about how much she annoys me. And she calls me every day with new complaints and ways that I need to help her (like she asked me if I could go buy her daughter diapers the other day when she lives RIGHT behind the walmart–like close enough to chuck a rock out her window and hit the back of walmart! And she wants me to pack up two kids and drive out there to buy her diapers?!) Anyway…so yeah, I know what you mean! 🙂

    3. Yeah, but I’ll still usually answer for certain people. I’ll not write an email for weeks and then start getting depressed and wondering “why doesn’t anyone ever email me?” 🙂

    4. Vivid dreams are the bain of my life. I have vivid dreams nearly every night but most of them are bad. Two nights ago I had this really vivid dream that someone knocked on the front door and then rang the door bell twice like it was a big emergency. I come running down the stairs to the front door and see a stranger outside the door (our front door has a big glass window). I didn’t know who it was and something felt weird about the guy so I loudly said, “What do you need?” instead of opening the door. He glared at me and then reached down and just opened the door (I thought it was locked but Jaedin must have unlocked it!). I tried to push it back closed and I was fumbling with the locks but he got it open anyway and then standing to the side of the door where I couldn’t see was another guy (a black guy dressed all in black) and they both forced their way in and grabbed me. I was fighting as best I could trying to knee the white guy or get my hand close enough to poke his eyes out but he was bigger than me and I couldn’t do it. I hit him once across the face and he threw me to the ground. The black guy was right behind me and he kicked me *really* hard in the back. As I started to blackout from the pain I looked up the stairs and Jaedin was standing up there looking really scared and I looked over and saw the black guy look and Jaedin and then start climbing the stiars—and then I woke up. I was really confused for a second because my back was on fire it hurt so bad. Like the pain was right in the middle of my spine and then radiating out and making my ribs feel on fire too. I sat up and stretched out my back and then it felt better but I couldn’t sleep after that.

    I also have really vivid dreams that end up coming true. Sometimes it’s really good. Like I had a dream when we were visiting UT where we were driving up a mountain and the car overheated and left us stranded. Then the next day we were driving up a mountain and I suddenly realized that I recognised everything from my dream and I looked down and the heat temp thing was at 3/4ths so we pulled over and let the car cool off and everything was fine (I wouldn’t have looked at the heat gauge if I hadn’t remembered the dream!). Other times its not so good. Like 3 days before 9/11 I had 3 days of really vivid dreams. The first two days I dreamed of airplanes that flew into 2 different buildings and each time I was outside watching it happen and I really wanted to help but I just couldn’t get close enough to help. The 3rd night the airplane crashed into a field and I was running to help but I just couldn’t get close enough to help anyone. And then the next day 9/11 happened. In all 3 dreams the airplanes were exactly what was used in 9/11 and everything was really similar to what actually happened.

    So anyway, I never know which ones are just dreams and which ones are creepy things that might happen. I tend to get really paranoid when I have nightmares. Yesterday I kept every door locked all day and I thought of buying a chain for the door just-in-case.

    hehehe sorry, this could have been a post all its own! You like reading though so it’s all good, right? 😀

    5. I made a big batch of cookies the other day to take to my neighbor because I haven’t met her yet. hehe there’s only a couple cookies left and none ever went to the neighbor 🙂

    6. I think I tried once but got bored looonnnng before reaching the center!

    Your post was fun 🙂 Have a great day!

  7. I remember doing the Tootsie Pop thing when I was a kid. I don’t remember the number. What an effective ad campaign. I’m with Heather on hating the phone. I have mine programmed with alternative rings for the calls I know I want to take. Anything else, I never answer. It’s all just telemarketers anyway.

  8. 1. No
    2. yes
    3. yes and yes like Karen have alternate rings for the calls I do want to answer. Anything else usually is a telemarketer.
    4. yes but can’t think of an instance at the moment.
    5. yes between my hubby and I
    6. I’ve tried but gave up

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