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As many of you know, my baby started kindergarten this past Monday. Kindergarten!! I just can’t believe it. Oh, and yes, school starts very early here in Arizona. I don’t know that I like it (it really sucks for Ches), but what can you do??

Anyway, we had Aiden all prepped for the first day. He had his new Spiderman backpack, his new Transformers lunch box, a new haircut, his school uniform, his name on both backpack and lunch box, I stayed up late the night before making cookies to add in to his lunch, and we had met his teacher and seen his classroom. Monday morning I went into his room to wake him up. Waking up Aiden is never all that easy. He reminds me of me: “Five more minutes, Mom!” However, on this day, the second I touched his arm and said, “Time to wake up, Aiden!” he jumped out of bed and exclaimed, “Today is my first day of school!!” Aiden was more than ready.

Since my sister was here visiting, she was able to stay home with the two younger boys so I could take Aiden all by myself. We walked onto school grounds, and Aiden led me to where his class line was. He remembered from the previous week! I took some pictures, and when it was time for his class to go in, I followed the kids, along with all the other parents. It was all so surreal. I didn’t cry, although I did see a lot of moms who were. I just felt so in shock.

We were able to go into the classroom and help the kids to their seats and take a couple more pictures. I was ready to leave, but none of the other parents did. So I felt guilty and stayed another couple of minutes. Aiden was totally fine without me, so I decided it was time to go. As I walked out, a father was saying to his weeping wife, “Do you really need to take 100 more pictures??” I had to leave quickly so they wouldn’t realize I was laughing at them.

The week is almost over, and it still seems very surreal. The days are a lot quieter without Aiden here. Today the three of us at home took really long naps in the afternoon. I get to spend a lot more time focused on Dallin, which Dallin seems to enjoy. We all enjoy getting into the van in the afternoon to go pick Aiden up from school. It’s all Dallin can talk about once we are in the van: “Get Aiden? Play on playground? Where Aiden go? Get Aiden from school?”

I miss Aiden during the day. I miss him a lot. I’m really sad to not be right there to experience everything with him (as I have for the past 4, almost 5 years!), but I know it’s all a part of letting go and growing up. However, as much as I miss him, I am loving this extra time and peace I suddenly have! I can’t wait for Dallin to start up preschool next year! πŸ˜‰


5 responses to “Back To School

  1. Do you guys have all day kindergarten there? It almost sounds like it, and so I was curious. I remember when Elizqbeth was ready for Kindergarten – she was so excited to ride the bus. We had taken her and met her teacher and she knew where to go the whole works. So the first day she insisted on riding that bus and told me I didn’t need to take her – that was a bit tough, but I was proud of her since she has always been our timid one.

    Emily starts Kindergarten this year, so for the first time ever I will have just one at home – that seems so strange. We have half day kindergarten here though and it makes scheduling anything during the day a huge ordeal. I love summer and I miss having the kids around when they are in school, but it defintely does make for more peaceful days – and its easier to keep the house clean. πŸ™‚ So I am looking forward to school starting in a few weeks – besides they are all so excited. πŸ™‚

  2. Way to go, Aiden! Way to go Sariah! [For being able to let Aiden go.] As a first grade teacher I have seen the parents who can’t let go, their poor kids! I can’t wait to talk to Aiden and hear all about his first week [I’ll be calling on Sat.] If he tackles formal schooling as well as his impromptu “lessons” with me a year ago [wow, can it have been so long?!] I am sure he will do very well in school this year–probably just like his mother.

    Oh, and don’t be too disapointed in him when he doesn’t want to get up–just remember I had to get you up!

  3. So exciting. This kinda reminded me of last year on the first day of preschool. I couldn’t believe all the teary moms!

    THe end of your post caused me to think a little. I never thought about the fact that when they’re in school I’m missing out on those experiences that up until then I had always been a part of. I guess it makes me kinda glad I have another year.

  4. YAY for Aiden!!! I’m so glad that he gets to start school! As you well know, he would have a whole nother year before he could start here!

    YAY for you! I think I was more excited for Abi to start than she was! I needed her to be occupied with something else for a while! She starts 1st grade next week and the excitement bugs are just flying around this house!!! πŸ˜€

    Enjoy your peace!!!

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