Aiden the Babysitter

My sister and her kids arrived yesterday in time for lunch.  It’s been a lot of fun having her here so far.  The kids (both hers and mine) are very loud, but it’s mostly a happy loud.  Aiden is really good with kids younger than him, and so Jago and Gareth are getting along really well with him.

As we were finishing our dinner last night, Lura had to run out to her car to get clothes for Jago.  She took him with her out the door, and Dallin decided to go, too.  I was busily feeding Parker, when I heard Lura yell, “No!  Come back here!”  The two little boys had run away.  So I went out to help bring them back.

I sent Aiden back into the house and ran down the street.  We brought the boys inside, scolding them, and as I walked in I saw the cutest sight.  Aiden was on my chair, sitting halfway on the highchair tray, feeding Parker. 

I then took Dallin into the bathroom to wash his hands, then realized he really needed a diaper change.  I could hear Parker getting more and more fussy, and on the other side of the wall from Parker was Gareth in the swing, also fussy.  Lura was busy putting Jago into the bath and I was busy changing one nasty diaper. 

I could hear Aiden running around, but I didn’t realize what was going on until I walked into the living room.  Aiden was in front of Gareth, trying to make him laugh, then he ran to the kitchen to make Parker laugh.  He was getting a little flustered and stopped in the middle of the door way so he could see both babies.

“Please, you guys!  Please!  I’m trying!  I just can’t do it all!  I can’t be in half!  Please!  I can’t take care of both of you!  I’m not in half!”

He was so sweet!  He was trying so hard to be a good helper and make the babies happy.  I was so proud of him!  I took over with Parker, and Aiden entertained Gareth until Lura finished bathing Jago.  Later, Aiden got some extra ice cream and lots of thanks and praise from Lura and me.  What a good kid Aiden can be!


9 responses to “Aiden the Babysitter

  1. AWWW that is sooo sweet, well now when he is a bit older you know you can leave Aiden in charge while you and Ches go out:)

  2. That is so sweet! Will tries to help when Ragan is crying, but so does Syd (at the same time) which just ends up in her crying more. But he does try to help. I hope he follows in Aiden’s footsteps. (I could really use it!)

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