The Phone Call

The phone rang Sunday night, and Ches was the first to get to it, so he answered.  As I heard him talking, he sounded really confused, and the expression on his face was one of pure bewilderment.  He hung up, and I asked, “Who was on the phone?”

“Oh, I guess I called the wrong number when I called Steve and left a message for him earlier.”

So I asked for a little clarification, finding out that the person Ches had called was just calling back to say “I don’t think Steve got your message.”  That seemed really nice, and so told him I thought so.

“Yeah, well, it was Cara.”

Cara??  As in Fourth Fret?  Zoo?  He called Cara??  Turns out that when Ches was copying the phone number down, he was getting Steve’s number off a little piece of paper I had on the fridge.  The paper said  “Steve & Lara (xxx)xxx-xxxx” on one line, and “Cara (xxx)xxx-xxx” on the next line.  Ches saw Cara and thought it said Lara.  So he got the wrong number.  THEN he tries to blame it on ME, saying I need to differentiate a little better.  Hmpf.  He needs to learn to read, I think.

I called Cara, and we had a good laugh over it all.  She said she heard the message on her machine, and the thought process went something like this:

“Steve?  Who’s Steve?  Hmmm.  They left a number to call back.  Did that say it’s Ches?  But my nephew Ches doesn’t have that deep of a voice.  Hey, I know that phone number.  Oh!  I bet that was Sariah’s husband!  I should call him back.”  She then dials the number, but as the phone rings, she started to panic. “Oh no!  What if it isn’t that Ches?  I didn’t double check.  What if I’m wrong?”  Then Ches answered the phone, so Cara asks if this is Ches, and he says, “Yes”, then she blurts out with, “Are you married to Sariah?”

I know some crazy people, I think. 🙂


5 responses to “The Phone Call

  1. Cara has a nephew named Ches!? And you hava a Lara’s ph # next to Cara’s? Of course some confusion ensued!

    Oh, while indexing today, I had a head of household named Chesley. The next one was Jesse, and a few families later there was a baby named Parker. Well I thought it was funny. 🙂

  2. Hey, I saw that piece of paoer on your fridge. I don’t think your C in Cara looks anything like an L, so I think the misunderstanding was all in Ches’ mind. Not your fault at all. 🙂

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