The End

I’m done.  It took me about 24 hours to read (and that includes all the stopping I had to do for things like sleep, feeding children, bathing children, searching the house for Ches’ driver’s license and birth certificate, and answering the stupid phone just to tell stupid telemarketers thanks but no thanks for umpteenth time!).  I am exhausted.  Now Ches is reading Harry Potter and I can’t wait for him to be done so we can discuss it.

I cried.  Through the whole book.  I guess I was channelling some spirit of Cho or Hermione (who seems to cry just as much as Cho does!).  Aiden kept looking at me funny and asking what was wrong.  I just told him I’m a big dork.  That got him worried.  “You’re not a dork, Mom!  Don’t worry!  You’re just fine!”  Happy or sad, good or bad, I cried.  Yes, I laughed through some tears, but I cried and cried.  And now I have a huge migraine from all the crying.  I am such a baby.

I will miss waiting impatiently for the next Harry Potter book.  I can’ t believe this is the end of it all.  Will we ever experience literature like this again?  This eagerness of children and adults?  This hunger for more?  Will there be another series of books that will so grip it’s readers and bridge the gap of generations?  Was this a once-in-a-lifetime thing that we have experience through this phenomenom called Harry Potter?

I understand that not everyone is a fan of Harry and not everyone will even attempt to read it.  But wow.  The way so many people have really come to love these books… it’s just wow.  Ches came home from New Teacher Orientation today and said at the last meeing of the day, some big-wig from the superintendant’s office was speaking and kept saying, “We need to wrap this up.  I’m on Chapter 17.  I need to get home and read more Harry Potter.”

Well, I think I will go to bed and dissect the story some more in my mind before drifting off to sleep.  I feel as if I’m saying goodbye to some friends with this knowledge that as often as I will read and re-read this series, it will never be like the first time again.  I’m sad for that.  Oh, and I liked the cheese.  It brought more tears.  I’m happy for that.


5 responses to “The End

  1. JKR said she’ll probably write an encyclopedia at some point, giving more back story on some people and more info on what happened to others. I really hope she does. It won’t be the same of course, but I don’t care. I want it anyway!

  2. I remember being disappointed in the two “text books” that she wrote awhile back. I hope the encyclopedia is better/more interesting to read!

    I am happy to have finished the series, yet sad it is over. The country needs something else to unite and anticipate together!

  3. “The country needs something else to unite and anticipate together.”

    It’s an international phenomenon (originating in Britain, I might add). You could as easily have said “the world” as “the country”. That is what I find phenomenal about this series of books. It’s touched so many lives, everywhere.

  4. ditto on what everyone else has said. However, I won’t be reading it for a while. At least not until the waiting list at the library has died down! So, I get to anticipate for a while longer! Yay for me! 😉

  5. I cried and cried through the whole thing too! Can I just blame it on post-pardum? I tend to cry at the drop of a hat lately… Not that I needed a hat to drop before. I’ve always been one easy to tears.

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